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Research Group: Language and Literacy in Education

Staff and students who work on Language and Literacy in Education are automatically members of the Language in Education Research Forum, through which links are encouraged across the Faculty with others researching on language in Arts and Humanities.

Currently Active: Yes

Group Overview

We offer supervision in all areas of Applied Linguistics as it relates to language teaching and research, including language policy, multimodality, the philosophy and history of language in education, teaching and learning languages, literacy, modern languages, and English as a first, second, foreign or additional language. We also research and supervise students in related areas such as Literature, Intercultural and Media Education.

Staff are involved in a number of curriculum development and evaluation activities at national and international levels, including, for example, work carried out for the DFES, TDA, QCA and for EU projects. Professor Jill Bourne is a past Chair of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) and a past Vice President of the International Association for Applied Linguistics (AILA). Professor Mike Grenfell has co-directed two EU-funded research projects focusing on the development of a language teacher profile across members states, giving rise to a number of conferences, seminars and workshops throughout Europe and a co-authored book (European Language Teacher).

Contact: Alex Woodgate-Jones.

This research area comes under the Social Justice and Inclusive Education Research Centre.


Selected publications associated with this group from the University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints):


Grenfell, Michael and Harris, Vee (2004) Language-learning strategies: a case for cross-curricular collaboration. Language Awareness, 13, (2), 116-130.
Domaille, Kate (2003) Good and serious readers: the place of reading in the secondary English curriculum. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 2, (3), 59-71.


Grenfell, Michael, Kelly, Michael and Jones, D. (2003) The European language teacher: recent trends and future developments in teacher education, Oxford, UK, Peter Lang, 279pp.
Bourne, Jill and Reid, Euan (eds.) (2003) Language Education, London, UK, Kogan Page, 318pp. (World Yearbook of Education).
Grenfell, Michael (ed.) (2002) Modern Languages Across the Curriculum, London, RoutledgeFalmer, 222pp.

Book Section

Bourne, Jill (2007) Focus on literacy: ELT and educational attainment in England. In, Cummins, Jim and Davison, Chris (eds.) The International Handbook of English Language Teaching. Norwell, USA, Springer-Verlag, 199-210. (Springer International Handbooks of Education, 15).

Conference or Workshop Item

Grenfell, Michael (2005) European profile for language teacher education. In, European Conference of Educational Research (ECER 2005), Dublin, Ireland, 07 - 10 Sep 2005. 10pp.

Research projects

No research projects are currently associated with this group.