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Exceptional research covering a breadth of genres

Our research covers a wide chronological range, from the early Middle Ages to contemporary writing, and is interdisciplinary in its approach.

We are active in a number of research centres within Humanities - the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Writing, the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture, the Southampton Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies and the Parkes Institute for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations - and have a special link with the Chawton House Library. In September 2012 we launched a new research centre, the Southampton Centre for Nineteenth-century Research (SCNR) which is focused on the 'long nineteenth century' (1789-1914).

We organise frequent conferences, an annual postgraduate colloquium and regular research seminars.

Undergraduate teaching is informed by staff members' specialist knowledge and our programmes are designed to ensure students gain strong research skills, forming a robust foundation for postgraduate study. We offer a wide range of masters degrees as well as research degrees across the full range of literary studies.

Joining the debate

Our seminars are open to academics, students and the general public.

Spanning a range of interests

Find out more about our academics and their areas of expertise.

Breaking new ground

Our research projects range from early English drama to the way multi-lingualism shapes poetry.

Crossing disciplines

We are active in a number of research centres within Humanities.

World-leading research

    Southampton University was placed 11th in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. English at Southampton prides itself on its research-led teaching and is recognised as a great place to do research.


    96% of scholarship produced by the English department was recognised to be of international quality.


    39% of this work was recognised as world-leading putting English in the top ten departments in this category in the UK.



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Our academics are widely published

Professor Linda Williams and Senior Lecturer Dr Michael Hammond

Our academics are widely published

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