Social Sciences

Where are they now?

Gerry Del-Guercio

Photo of Gerry Del-Guercio
“Going to university broadens the mind and teaches you so much. I'm so pleased I did it.”
Course: BSc Sociology
Current position: Professional singer (SixNationState)
Year of Graduation: 2003

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Duncan Dewar

Photo of Duncan Dewar
“The placements during the course were a real highlight and the memorable first-hand experience of the demands of working at the social work 'coal-face' will undoubtedly serve me well in my future career.”
Course: MSc Social Work
Current position: Royal Marines Officer
Year of Graduation: 2011

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Christopher Dignan

Photo of Christopher Dignan
“I really enjoyed my degree, especially studying politics, and was lucky to have fantastic tutors.”
Course: BA Modern History and Politics
Current position: Corporate writer and communications consultant
Year of Graduation: 1987

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Councillor Paul Holmes

Photo of Councillor Paul Holmes
“Not only did I receive a degree from an internationally recognised university, I also made some great friends.”
Course: BSc Politics and International Relations
Current position: Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Learning
Year of Graduation: 2009

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Sharafat Hussain

Photo of Sharafat Hussain
“My personal and professional development may not have been possible without having studied at the University of Southampton.”
Course: MSc Professional Studies: Leadership & Management
Current position: Partnership Manager
Year of Graduation: 2010

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Priscilla Atwani Idele

Photo of Priscilla Atwani Idele
“I have very high regard for the University of Southampton and for according me an opportunity to study Social Statistics. Soon after submitting my PhD thesis, I got hired as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the USAID-funded MEASURE Evaluation Project at Macro International”
Course: PhD in Social Statistics
Current position: Senior Advisor for Statistics
Year of Graduation: 2002

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Gloria Lintl

Photo of Gloria Lintl
“My Masters degree at the University of Southampton has considerably extended my analytical, argumentation and research skills, and has enabled me to critically analyse complex subjects and issues, which is an incredibly helpful skill at my current traineeship at the Europol HQ in the Hague. ”
Course: MSc Global Politics (2009-10)

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Mark Lyons-Amos

Photo of Mark Lyons-Amos
“Southampton has a vibrant postgraduate student community, which provides a broad perspective on research in the social sciences.”
Course: PhD in social statistics and demography
Current position: Research Assistant at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling
Year of Graduation: 2010

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Andria Lyssiotou

Photo of Andria  Lyssiotou
“The academic faculty has been very supportive and friendly and always willing to advise and help students. ”
Course: BSc Economics
Current position: MSc Economics
Year of Graduation: 2013

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Nyovani Madise

Photo of Nyovani Madise
“The combination of 'social' and 'statistics' appealed both to my statistical background and my desire to do something good for humankind.”
Course: MSc and PhD Social Statistics
Current position: Associate Dean, Research & Enterprise
Year of Graduation: 1993

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Stelios Makrydakis, Greece

Photo of Stelios Makrydakis
“What I learned at Southampton proved key to what I do today.”
Course: MSc Economics and Econometrics
Current position: Head of Section (European Central Bank)
Year of Graduation: 1986

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Peter Morgan

Photo of Peter Morgan
“University taught me that making friends and focusing on what you enjoy are the most important things.”
Course: BA Modern History and Politics
Current position: Director of Corporate Affairs (Rolls-Royce)
Year of Graduation: 1981

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Malcolm Newman

Photo of Malcolm Newman
“I chose my degree course as a stepping stone in my career and it has worked out perfectly.”
Course: BSc Accounting and Economics
Current position: Managing Director of UK Operations, SCOR SE
Year of Graduation: 1980

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Austen Robilliard

Photo of Austen Robilliard
“A foundation in Economics is useful and having the joint honours of Finance really helped push me over the edge as it gave me exposure to a broader range of subjects, which employers found attractive. ”
Course: BSc in Economics and Finance
Current position: Senior Investment Research Analyst at Murdoch Asset Management
Year of Graduation: 2005

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Georgia Searle

Photo of Georgia  Searle
“Most importantly the University has increased my confidence which has allowed me to get a place on a graduate scheme. ”
Course: BSc Politics
Current position: Gradute Scheme with Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Year of Graduation: 2013

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Professor Steve Smith

Photo of Professor Steve Smith
“Throughout my time at Southampton I was lucky enough to have wonderful teachers who inspired their students with their passion for the subject.”
Course: BSc Politics and International Studies, MSc International Studies, PhD in international relations
Current position: Vice-Chancellor (University of Exeter)

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Jon Sopel

Photo of Jon Sopel
“The best part of the job is being in places where you think a little bit of history is unfolding and you’re there watching it.”
Course: BSc Politics and Sociology
Current position: Presenter of the BBC Politics Show and senior anchor during the week for the News Channel
Year of Graduation: 1981

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Amy Tomlins

Photo of Amy Tomlins
“I found the Division highly supportive of both my academic and personal development, and I made the most of career development events they organised throughout the year.”
Course: MSc Social Policy and Social Research
Current position: 2012 Education Project Officer
Year of Graduation: 2011

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