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The University of Southampton
Ageing and Lifelong Health


The Ageing and Lifelong Health USRG brings together researchers from across the university working in social sciences, medicine, psychology, health sciences, computer sciences, management, mathematics, geography, law, humanities and Winchester School of Art with the commitment to advance interdisciplinary research in the field of ageing.

The Ageing and Lifelong Health USRG membership is open to colleagues from across the University as well as the public so why not join today! To become a member and keep up to date with the latest research, news and events carried out within the group, please Contact Us.

A full list of current Ageing and Lifelong Health members is below:


Professor Maria Evandrou

Head of the Division of Ageing/Gerontology, Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing, Professor of Gerontology


Professor Avan Aihie Sayer

MRC Clinical Scientist and Professor of Geriatric Medicine

Interdisciplinary Research Coordinator:

Jo Corsi, Research and Innovation Services

External Members of the Ageing USRG:

Gay Stanning- Professional Member of Age UK.

Internal Members of the Ageing USRG:

South of England Cochlear Implant Centre & the University of Southampton's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research .

Eva Beaujouan Research Fellow Social Sciences
Rachel Bennett Research Fellow Centre for Research on Ageing
Atul Bhaskar Senior Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Hazel Biggs Professor Law
Jakub Bijak Lecturer Social Sciences
Jeremy Blaydes Reader Medicine
Delphine Boche Lecturer Medicine
Andrew Channon Lecturer Social Sciences
Andrew Chipperfield Senior Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Peter Coleman Professor Psychology
Lyndsey Cooper Administrative Staff Social Sciences
Nick Evans Lecturer Medicine
Jane Falkingham Professor Social Sciences
Gillian Granville Research Fellow Social Sciences
Julia Haines Executive Officer Office of the Vice Chancellor
James Hamilton Collaboration Manager Research and Innovation Services
Linda Hammond Administrative Staff Biological Sciences
Dave Harowven Professor Chemistry
Cally Haynes
Sarah Healey
Martyn Hill Professor Engineering Sciences
Lindy Holden-Dye Professor Biological Sciences
Clive Holmes Professor Medicine
Roger Ingham Professor Psychology
Alan Kimber Reader Mathematics
Sarah Kirby Teaching Fellow Psychology
Gloria Langat Academic Staff Social Sciences
Andrew Lotery Professor Medicine
Rebekah Luff Lecturer Social Sciences
David Martin Professor Geography
Nikki Matthews Collaboration Manager Research and Innovation Services
Derek McGhee Professor Social Sciences
Teresa McGowan Research Staff Social Sciences
Jacqueline Milne Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration Manager Research and Innovation Services
Graham Moon Professor Centre for Geographical Health Research
Panagiotis Nanos Research Fellow Social Sciences
James Nicoll Professor Medicine
Vincent O'Connor Academic Staff Biological Sciences
James Raymer Reader Social Sciences
Helen Roberts Senior Lecturer Medicine
Ben Saunders Senior Lecturer Social Sciences
Christian Schluter Reader Social Sciences
Alice Schoonbroodt Lecturer Social Sciences
Elisabeth Schroder-Butterfill Lecturer Social Sciences
Alison Simmance Multidisciplinary Research Co-ordinator Research and Innovation Services
David Simpson Reader Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Chris-Kriton Skylaris Lecturer Chemistry
Jo Sofaer Senior Lecturer Humanities
Hilary Smith Head of Faculty Support Research and Innovation Services
Heather Thompson Research Fellow Medicine
Phillip Thurner Lecturer Engineering Sciences
Marco Trentini External Member Social Sciences
Paulina Trevena Research Fellow Social Sciences
Joe Viana Senior Research Assistant Management
Athina Vlachantoni Lecturer Social Sciences
Jackie Wahba Reader Social Sciences
Bronagh Walsh Senior Lecturer Health Sciences
Rosalind Willis Lecturer Social Sciences
James Wright Lecturer Geography
Asghar Zaidi professor Social & Human Sciences
Ageing and Lifelong Health
Ageing and Lifelong Health

WHO Facts About Ageing

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