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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Bringing the biological sciences to young people in and around Southampton

Published: 12 March 2015
Sceince and Engineering Day

Biological scientists at the University of Southampton will be presenting five fascinating interactive exhibits at Saturday’s National Science and Engineering Day on campus. The event is designed to bring the University’s achievements in science to the general public and encourage and motivate young people to become the pioneering scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Leading scientists at the Centre for Biological Sciences have devised lively ‘hands on’ introductions to key areas of research at Southampton. “We always enjoy explaining our work to members of the public, especially children,” says Dr Herman Wijnen. “It is also important that our science has an impact on the world outside the laboratory.”

Biological science activities in 2015 will be:

Southampton BioBlitz


Focusing on biodiversity, children will be encouraged to find out more about insects and other ‘mini-beasts’ and their role in pollinating plants and keeping the soil fertile. They can also find out how to take part in this year’s Southampton BioBlitz to survey local species.


Crops, critters, and climate change

Crops, critters, and climate change

How can we develop new crops that can cope with droughts, pollution and damaging pests to feed tomorrow’s world? Scientists at Southampton are working with companies such as Vitacress to improve plants along with studying harmful and useful insects. Visitors can make their own critters, learn how bees see and go home with a bag of seed for their windowsill or garden.


Life’s instruction book

Life’s instruction book

Looking at life at the molecular level, visitors will be able to extract their own DNA and find out how it serves as our personal genetic blueprint. Local research on nucleic acids will be highlighted.


Journey through your beautiful brain
How the brain works

Journey through your beautiful brain

Southampton scientists are striving to learn more about how the brain works through research all the way from molecules in the laboratory to patients in the hospital ward ( This knowledge could hold the key to defeating neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroscientists will be on hand to explain their research. Visitors can explore the nervous system all the way from cells under a microscopes to the behaviour of flies in a test tube. They can build their own model brain cells, find out how the brain keeps time and if they are really a ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ person. There is even a Neuroscience fashion exhibit.


When slime gets serious

Potentially damaging bacteria protected by sticky biofilms can be a hazard to health but getting rid of them is not easy. Examples of these persistent irritants include dental plaque and bugs that live in water treatment works and air conditioning systems. Microbiologists are working on ways to crack the problem and an interactive exhibit including jelly and sweets will demonstrate how eliminating biofilms is such a challenge.


Science and Engineering Day 2015



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