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Annual Grand Prize Micrograph Competition

Every year, in the run up to Christmas, we hold a grand prize micrograph and movie competition for our users.

Why "Grand Prize"?

We call it "Grand Prize" because the prizes are grand, thanks to kind sponsorship from various microscope manufacturers. They have included digital cameras, binoculars and gift vouchers for the best micrograph and movie, with runner up prizes of bottles of wine or chocolates.

The Rules

are simple......

  1. Entries are judged simply on artistic and aesthetic merit, not on scientific content (though technical skill and craft are acknowledged)
  2. You must have taken the original photograph.
  3. The original photograph must have been taken down a microscope (though not necessarily one of ours - and we can be flexible in our interpretation of "microscope").
  4. The original images can be manipulated to your heart's content.
  5. Beyond that, pretty much anything goes.

BIU staff judge the competition and so are not allowed to enter; it would be embarassing if we won, and more embarassing if we didn't!

We individually select a shortlist and the 12 favourites are then re-judged.

View the 12 finalists from each year

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