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Centre for Higher Education Practice

Criteria for Senior Fellowship of the HEA

To be recognised as a senior fellow of the HEA, you must demonstrate that you meet Descriptor 3 (D3) of The UK Professional Standards Framework. 

(view criteria for HEA Fellow, Principal Fellow)

 Descriptor 3: Senior Fellow of the HEA

UKPSF Description Typical Role Example Activities

Demonstrates a thorough understanding of effective approaches to teaching and learning support as a key contribution to high quality student learning. Individuals should be able to provide evidence of:

I. Successful engagement across all five Areas of Activity

II. Appropriate knowledge and understanding across all aspects of Core Knowledge

III. A commitment to all the Professional Values

IV. Successful engagement in appropriate teaching practices related to the Areas of Activity

V. Successful incorporation of subject and pedagogic research and/ or scholarship within the above activities, as part of an integrated approach to academic practice

VI. Successful engagement in continuing professional development in relation to teaching, learning, assessment, scholarship and, as appropriate, related to academic or professional practices

VII. Successful co-ordination, support, supervision, management and/ or mentoring of others (whether individuals and/or teams) in relation to teaching and learning

Individuals able to provide evidence of a sustained record of effectiveness in relation to teaching and learning, incorporating for example, the organisation, leadership and/or management of specific aspects of teaching and learning provision. Such individuals are likely to lead or be members of established academic teams. Typically, those likely to be at Descriptor 3 (D3) include: 

a. Experienced staff able to demonstrate, impact and influence through, for example, responsibility for leading, managing or organising programmes, subjects and/or disciplinary areas

b. Experienced subject mentors and staff who support those new to teaching

c. Experienced staff with departmental and/or wider teaching and learning support advisory responsibilities within an institution


Demonstrating leadership in the design, delivery and evaluation of programmes of study, at various levels

Designing and utilizing innovative teaching approaches and materials, incorporating the use of technology where appropriate

Incorporation of discipline and pedagogic research and/ or scholarship into learning and teaching, and evaluating its effectiveness.

Ensuring that programme design and delivery complies with relevant quality standards and regulations

Successful co-ordination, support, supervision, management and/ or mentoring of others (whether individuals and/or teams) in relation to teaching and learning

Operational leadership within own institutional setting (e.g. in developing and/or leading local policy implementation, participating in relevant committees; participating in peer review of programme validation and subject review, participation in the PREP Framework Review Board)

Providing pedagogic leadership in initiatives/ projects, providing peer feedback e.g. as a mentor education developer



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