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The University of Southampton
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Wellbeing Day 2014 Event

Wellbeing Day
10:00 - 16:00
4 November 2014
Garden Court, Staff Social Centre - main entrance at front of building Hartley Suite, Staff Social Centre - entrance near B4 (Law) SUSU

For more information regarding this event, please email Clare Hutton and Linnet Evans at .

Event details

Wellbeing Day is for the whole University community, staff and students alike. The core focus is on mental health - so often the elephant in the room. But we also look at some of the many other things we can do to keep ourselves and our colleagues in better physical and mental shape, now and in the future.

On this page, there's a summary of what you can choose to do on 4 November - and maybe continue doing. Drill down for more details of this wide range of talks, workshops and activities, or see the schedule .

Challenging, informing, relaxing, amazing - enjoy!

What would you like to do today?

Doors open at 9.45 with events running to around 16.00.

Garden Court (Restaurant End)

* You will be able to talk to a representative in person at various times through the day.

The Science of Wellbeing

Discover some of the evidence-based research that explains how and why we interact with one another. These 'Science bit...' sessions were sell-outs last year, so booking is advised.

  • Help, everyone’s looking at me! Social anxiety and well-being. Dr Lusia Stopa gives an insight into a condition that's a major cause of under-achievement.
    Find out more and reserve your place .
  • Signalling matters: How we survived without claws, horns or being too thick-skinned. Professor Thomas R Lynch explains how humankind survived historically through developing capacities to work together and share valuable resources.
    Find out more and reserve your place .
  • Why am I so worried about this? from sabre-tooth tiger to meta-cognition - managing wellbeing and change. Dr Nick Maguire: Find out more and reserve your place .

Find out more about all the Science of... activities

Keynote event

In Garden Court (Garden End)

  • Welcome and introduction with Provost Adam Wheeler
  • Centrepiece session with Sarah Wheeler
  • Signing ceremony for the Mindful Employer Charter for both the University (represented by Adam Wheeler) and SUSU (represented by Chief Executive Scott McCarthy) with Sally Denley, Public Health Southampton .

Find out more about this year's keynote event and reserve your place . For those unable to attend, this will also be available through livestream, either in the Hartley Room (just come and leave as you wish between 13:00-14:00) or online at any place, any time. Note that this is currently a continuous stream as recorded on the day. Some users have experienced difficulty in loading it. We hope to have an edited version available shortly.

Pop-up Dragon Café

In Garden Court (Garden End)

  • Singing with Vivien Ellis (30 minutes)
  • Body in Mind with Lee Broderick (30 minutes)

Find out more about both these workshops.

Minding your wellbeing - interactive workshops

Smaller-scale activities: a little of your time with a real payback.

  • Introduction to mindfulness practice . Learn some no-fuss meditation techniques with Cheryl Dunford (two concurrent 30-minute sessions)
  • Stress and the Mindbody Solution . Physical and mental responses are intimately connected.  With Tricia Worby (single hour-long session)
  • Movement and breathing for wellbeing . Accessible techniques for everyone - highly rated last year!  with Paul Riddy (two concurrent 30-minute sessions)
  • Alfie the Labradoodle (Pets as Therapy) - need we say more?

Find out more about these activities taking place in the Hartley Room.

Please note that Alfie, a PAT dog, will be waiting discreetly with his owner to the side of the Hartley Room from around 2.45pm. He has been assessed for good temperament, and will be on a lead at all times.

Hartley Lounge

  • Soft landings! Comfy chairs and leafy views for relaxing
  • Enjoy some tabletop games with old and new friends
  • Departure point for "Take me by the hand", geo-located interactive musical walks with Ben Mawson. Find out more and register your interest .

Jubilee Sports Centre

  • Enjoy a Core fitness conditioning class 12.15-13.00 - no need to book. This class is designed to strengthen core muscles and help with posture and back problems. Normally members-only but free to everyone today. Wear loose clothing and trainers.
  • Find out more about the range of activities (including water sports) on offer through the year
Core fitness conditioning class
Supporting Wellbeing Day

In the Cube with SUSU

Find out more about these events organised by SUSU.

Please put this date in your diary and bookmark this page,  Details may still be subject to change. All options are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, although for some you can reserve a place beforehand. (EventBrite is a third-party system and you'll need to set up a separate account with them.) Unless stated, all events are free of charge .

Wellbeing is a responsibility for us all! Events are open to University of Southampton and SUSU staff, to University of Southampton students, and to professionals working with staff or students in a relevant capacity. You are equally welcome to take in just one event or activity, or to take part in several.

This will be the University's second Wellbeing Day.  As before, it is being put together by a group of volunteers. We particularly welcome offers to host activities on other campuses either around this day or through the year.

Mindful Employer
We are now a Mindful Employer signatory

What is Wellbeing?

"Wellbeing is not a beach you go and lie on. It's a sort of dynamic dance and there's movement in that all the time. It's the functionality of that movement which actually is [showing] true levels of wellbeing." - Nic Marks, Radio 4, 2012

Relaxing on campus
Relaxing on campus

So what's the problem?

"Stigma about mental disorders and discrimination against patients prevent people from seeking mental health care. [In a survey] contrary to expectations, levels of stigma were higher in urban areas and among people with higher levels of education." - WHO fact file on mental health

Mental Health Resources

National Stress Awareness Day ( NSAD ) on 5 November focuses this year on Stress: The Balancing Act.

The Mental Health Foundation's website is rich in resources, including information about how essential nutrition can be for good mental health.

Below are links to some of the many other UK-based organisations involved with mental health.


All the day's events

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Keynote session

Including Mindful Employer Charter

Find out more

About us

Last year, this year, next....

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The Science of Wellbeing

Discover the evidence base

Find out more

The interactive side

Relaxing and insightful

Find out more

Geo-located musical walks

Explore the campus with a unique musical soundwalk

Find out more
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