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The University of Southampton

Race and ethnicity

Equality for all races and ethnic minorities is important in a multicultural and multinational environment like the University campus. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly regardless of their background, and providing opportunities for those from communities with a history of low-participation in higher education.

The University's Widening Participation Project has focused on encouraging young people from areas of low-participation to consider pursuing a degree at University. These areas typically have a high proportion of black and minority ethnic (BME) families, which makes such work important in improving the representation of BME students in higher education.

This is a nationally recognised problem, with as few as 4% of professors nationwide that are BME. At Southampton, we strive to recruit staff from all backgrounds, and seek the best minds available from a global talent-pool in our academic pursuits. We recognise that by increasing BME representation among our staff, we can encourage more BME students to apply and feel welcome and comfortable during their studies.

Shine Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network
The Network launched in May 2017 aims to raise awareness of and promote race equality and cultural diversity at the University. All black, Asian and minority ethnic staff - academic and professional services - and postgraduate research students are welcome. If you are interested finding out more, please contact 

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