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The University of Southampton
Enabling ServicesPart of Student Services

Student life problems

At University, you may experience some problems that are quite common and specific to life as a student. These pages contain resources and contacts to support you.


Moving away from home to University for the first time can be difficult. Homesickness is common among new students, and there are many things you can do to overcome this and settle into your new life. We are here to help you adjust if you struggle to settle into life as a student.


Exams are always stressful, because you are under pressure to do well. Some students cope more easily with stress than others, but we recognise that if you are having difficulty coping you may benefit from advice and support.

Course concerns

Students sometimes lose confidence in their own ability, and this might cause a crisis of doubt about whether you are on the right course of study. Help is available if this happens.

Money and housing concerns

When you become a student, you may have more responsibility than before for your own finances and accommodation. There are excellent services dedicated to these areas, but in Enabling Services we understand that students experiencing the stress associated with housing and money problems may need extra support.

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