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University Life

At University, you may experience some problems that are quite common and specific to life as a student. These pages contain information, advice about how to access support and resources and contacts for you.

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Assessments and exams

Visit our webpages for tips on managing your wellbeing and your studies during assessment periods.

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Course Concerns

Studying at University is not easy.  Students may feel under pressure much of the time and everyone has a different ability to cope. Find out where you can get support for course concerns.

Private rented houses


You may face a range of problems when living in student housing and this can cause stress.  However, there are ways to seek support for these problems.



As a student living away from home, you may be managing your finances for the first time.  This can be a source of anxiety and stress.

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Want to talk to someone

If after looking at the resources on this page you think it would be helpful to talk with someone then have a look at our "talk to someone" page.

Want to talk to someone?
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