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The University of Southampton

Structural materials performance

Failure mechanism evaluation and modelling

We work on a wide range of metallic and composite structural materials and systems (including designed additive manufactured and hybrid structural systems).  Our testing capabilities allow us to evaluate a wide range of service conditions including high temperature, rapid strain rate and varying environments under fatigue, fracture, creep and oxidation/corrosion conditions.  Using our state of the art mechanical testing capabilities in the TSRL together with advanced imaging capabilities in the muVIS X-ray CT centre we are developing understanding of structural material performance across a wide range of energy, aerospace, maritime and automotive sectors.  Linking our detailed micromechanistic understanding developed through experimental work to image based modelling techniques allows us to develop failure prediction tools and to direct improved structural materials design with a wide range of research sponsors, including: EPSRC, Rolls Royce, Airbus, EDF, TWI etc.

Academic Investigator:

Prof. Philippa Reed

Prof. Ian Sinclair

Prof. Mark Spearing


Fig 1
Fig 2

Muti-scale computed tomography for materials analysis

The University of Southampton’s world-leading expertise in X-ray imaging plays a major role in the National Research Facility (NRF) in Lab-based X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), launched in November 2020, see Operating within one of the largest and most diverse engineering groupings in the UK, the µ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre at Southampton provides 8 lab X-ray CT systems and the expertise of over 40 academic staff from across the University, serving a wide range of imaging needs, including aerospace structures, marine engineering, civil engineering and geotechnics, energy systems and biomedical research.

Academic Investigators:

Prof. Ian Sinclair

Dr Rich Boardman

Dr Mark Mavrogordato


Fig 3

Image-based mechanics

Review presentation

Infrared deflectometry

Academic Investigators:

Prof. Fabrice Pierron
Novel high strain rate test development
Fig 4
Fig 4
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