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Dr Richard P Boardman PhD, MInstP, MIEEE

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Richard P Boardman is Senior Research Fellow within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Richard joined the University in 2001 based in what was then the High Performance Computing Group in Electronics and Computer Science. The group moved over to the e-Science Centre and the CEDG in the School of Engineering Sciences.

He has worked with the School of Physics and Astronomy on computational micromagnetics problems and with the Chemical Biology Group for the BioSimGrid project, and at OMII-UK in Electronics and Computer Science.

He now works in the Engineering Materials Research group and the CEDG in the School of Engineering Sciences.

Research interests

Dr Boardman has a current research interest in 3D image processing and manipulation, particularly voxel densitometric datasets (such as those from CT and MRI scanners). More specifically:

  • artefact correction, e.g. reduction of scatter from metal components, or controlling stripe artefacts arising from detector anomalies
  • error minimisation, from reduced angular access or missing radiographs in the case of CT
  • data control; CT scanning can generate tens of gigabytes of data in a few minutes, and managing, archiving and curating these data for future use is non-trivial
  • X-ray spot drift; measurement and compensation in CT for metrological applications

Additionally, he is also interested in novel 3D reconstruction algorithms, particularly their implementation on massive-memory compute clusters (both CPU and GPU).

Historically he has worked with micromagnetic, X-ray crystallography and chemical biology simulation, covering cluster and grid computation, accelerated analysis, robust storage and visualisation techniques.

CT scan of a bumblebee
CT scan of a bumblebee
CT scan sliced through batteries inside a toy car
CT scan sliced through batteries
Rendering of surface mesh extracted from a CT scan of the Bressan recorder
Rendering of surface mesh
Droplet streams
Droplet streams

Research group

Engineering Materials

Research project(s)

Seeing the deformations inside solids

While most of the deformation imaging techniques deal with surface information, some new methods enable to provide deformation inside solids.

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  • Scott, M., Boardman, R. P., Reed, P. A. S., Byatt, D., Stark, I., Cox, S. J., Coles, S. J., Collins, A., Earl, G. P., Jasion, G., Mbuya, T. O., & Soady, K. A. (2016). Introducing research data - fourth edition. University of Southampton.
Dr Richard P Boardman
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number : 5/1015/M7

Facsimile: (023) 8059 3016

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