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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Professional Modules

We offer a range of individual modules to support continuing professional development for qualified health professionals. For module dates and fees please see the PDF documents below.

Useful Downloads

Work Based Learning level 6 singleNQCG3154
Designing and Conducting Clinical ResearchHLTH6177
Enhancing Practice through Critical Appraisal and ReflectionNQCG3116
Healthcare InformaticsHLTH6104
Care of People with Cancer level 7HLTH6197
Palliative and end of life care for people with life-threatening and life-limiting illness level 7HLTH6218
Collaborative Working for Community HealthHLTH6054
Transition to Advanced Practice (Standard, Children and Young People, Critical Care and Midwifery Pathways)HLTH6128
Evidenced based low intensity CBT treatment for common mental health disorders (PWP route) Level 6NQCG3144
Comparative Health Policy and Care systemsNQCG3141
Work Based Learning level 7 singleHLTH6231
Conducting Clinical ResearchHLTH6199
Recognising and Prioritising the Care of the Deteriorating ChildHLTH6083
Collaborative Working for Community HealthNQCG3106
Social Policy for Health and Well BeingNQCG3107
Intensive care level 6NQCG3152
Decision Making for Advanced Clinical PracticeHLTH6115
Neonatal Nutrition (Online)HLTH6155
Motivational Interviewing in the Service of Health PromotionNQCG3134
Neonatal Haemodynamics (Online)HLTH6169
Leadership in Health and Social CareNQCG3114
Social Policy for Health and Well BeingHLTH6056
Return to Nursing PracticeNQCG3112
Developing intensive care practice (level 6)NQCG3150
Developing Research SkillsHLTH6116
Specialist Practice in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life CareHLTH6179
Open learning (10 ECTS)HLTH6215
Deteriorating adult level 7HLTH6201
Cardiology for Health Professionals level 7HLTH6196
Complex Care in Older PeopleHLTH6189
Management of Adult Diabetes in Primary and Secondary CareHLTH6092
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing: Prescribing in PracticeNQCG3110
Open learning (20 ECTS)HLTH6216
Return to Midwifery PracticeNQCG3113
Professional Studies: Clinical Effectiveness and Evidence Based PracticeNQCG3138
Health promotion, motivational interviewing and health behaviour changeHLTH6080
Palliative and end of life care for people with life-threatening and life-limiting illness level 6NQCG3130
Cardiology for Health Professionals (level 6)NQCG3147
Introduction to the Management of Diabetes in Primary and Secondary CareNQCG3122
Design & Methods for Clinical and Health ResearchHLTH6200
Major Trauma PracticumHLTH6174
Principles of High Dependency Care (Adult)HLTH6077
Values, Diversity and Context (PWP route)NQCG3143
Recognising the Deteriorating ChildNQCG3118
Planning Clinical & Health ResearchHLTH6221
Leading Policy and Service Design in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life CareHLTH6178
Foundations in History Taking and Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan Level 6NQCG3151
Work Based Learning level 6 doubleNQCG3155
Intensive care level 7HLTH6208
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Part 2: Prescribing in Practice - NeonatalHLTH6138
Clinical Research in PracticeHLTH6114
Deteriorating patient level 6NQCG3149
Designing, Implementing and Communicating ResearchHLTH8011
Engagement and assessment of patients with common mental health problems using low intensity CBT (PWP route)NQCG3145
Leadership and Management for Public Health ImprovementNQCG3105
Neurology of the Newborn (Online)HLTH6156
A Foundation for Respiratory Care of the Newborn (Online)HLTH6157
Care of People with Cancer level 6NQCG3124
Developing intensive care practice (level 7)HLTH6202
Applied Quantitative Research MethodsHLTH6194
Open Learning (5 ECTS)HLTH6217
e-Research MethodsHLTH6042
Neonatal Clinical Pharmacology (Online)HLTH6188
Care of People with CancerNQCG3148
Palliative and End of Life Care for people with life threatening illness.NQCG3153

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