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HLTH6198 Clinical & Health Research Project 2 (FT)

Module Overview

This module will provide you with experience of undertaking an empirical clinical or health research project. You will work with appropriate supervision. This module will support you through the process of carrying out a research project, including obtaining necessary ethics and governance approvals, planning and undertaking the project, analysing data and writing up the study in the form of a paper. The paper will be in a format suitable for publication in a refereed academic journal and will demonstrate your ability to apply your research knowledge and skills in the design, execution and reporting of the project.

Aims and Objectives

Module Aims

You will carry out a project based on an agreed research question relevant to your practice/field of interest (see Research Project 1), supported by relevant evidence. You will develop your research proposal into a workable protocol. You will use your knowledge and understanding of different research designs and methods and demonstrate a clear understanding of ethics, research governance principles and conduct of research in clinical and health settings in developing in implementing a detailed research plan. You will obtain all relevant approvals and carry out your research study (with appropriate supervision), demonstrating an ability to present and analyse research data and critically interpret this in light of current knowledge. You will justify your conclusions using well-reasoned arguments, taking into account the limitations or constraints of the study. Finally, you will communicate findings in a clearly focussed paper thus allowing you to contribute to the growing knowledge base underpinning evidence based practice.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of research designs and methods and how to apply them appropriately to your chosen research question and detailed research plan/protocol
  • Demonstrate understanding of ethics, research governance and data protection in relation to your research study
  • Undertake the research study to address your specific question (with appropriate supervision), with relevant approvals
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage, analyse and present research data and critically interpret this in light of current knowledge
  • Justify your conclusions using well-reasoned arguments and taking into account the limitations or constraints of the study to make recommendations for practice/future research
  • Communicate findings, succinctly, critically and objectively in a clearly focussed paper thus allowing you to contribute to the growing knowledge base underpinning evidence based practice


This module builds on content covered in the Design & Methods for Clinical and Health Research (or equivalent) module and includes: • Applying critical appraisal skills • Working with a supervisor • Developing an appropriate and feasible research question • Designing a research project and protocol • Ethical and Governance considerations • Conduct of clinical and health research • Peer Review (where appropriate) • Quantitative and/or qualitative data reporting (as appropriate) • Evaluation of the research process/evidence • Presentation skills • Writing skills • Dissemination strategies • Project, time and data management The assessment comprises a research report in the form of a paper for publication with supporting project file (100%).

Special Features

You will have opportunity to work and/or collaborate with research active staff at this research led university.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching and learning methods

You assume responsibility for your own learning. This module adopts a range of teaching and learning strategies including: • Self Directed learning • Peer review • Problem solving approaches • Academic supervision • Research seminars • Small collaborative and inter-professional group work (Action Learning sets). • Web based resources • Blackboard (including discussion boards) • Reflective learning • Guided reading

Independent Study698
Total study time750

Resources & Reading list

Portney LG & Watkins MP (2013). Foundations of Clinical Research. Applications to Practice. 

Walker D-M (2014). An Introduction to Health Services Research. 


Assessment Strategy

The assessment of this module comprises a research report and a project file. You will carry out your research study and produce a written report of your study (100%) This will be presented as a research paper written to the style/requirements of a specified refereed academic journal of your choice, and a project file. You will adhere to the relevant instructions to authors for your chosen journal however there is a maximum word limit of 5,000 words. If the instructions to authors give no, or very high, limits then these figures represent the upper limit. For the assessment you will need to submit the name of the journal and a copy of the ‘instructions to authors’ alongside of the research paper. You are required to produce a comprehensive Project File of your research process which details each stage of your research journey (e.g. how decisions were made, supervision meetings, detailed analysis, literature review), with supporting documentation. Various items will need to be included within the log book (as per specified guidelines) all of which will be checked by the research supervisor. You must achieve a minimum mark of 50% to complete this module successfully.


Informal Presentation


MethodPercentage contribution
Research project Report  (13500 words) 100%

Repeat Information

Repeat type: Internal & External

Linked modules


To study this module, you will need to have studied the following module(s):

HLTH6192Design and Methods for Clinical and Health Research
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