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AIMMS Mentoring

Academic Intersectionality Mentoring in Medical Schools

A welcome message from our Founder, Dr Nisreen Alwan, MBE

Dr Nisreen Alwan

“AIMMS Mentoring is a national initiative across nine UK medical schools to support the career development of minority women towards equal and authentic leadership in academic medicine.”

In this first phase of the scheme, we are offering mentoring to women from ethnic minority backgrounds who are employed in academic medicine and health sciences. Depending on capacity, we hope to expand the scheme to postgraduate students in due course. In time, we aim to expand further into additional intersectional groups.

If you are interested in taking part in the AIMMS Mentoring initiative, either as a mentor or as a mentee, please get in touch with us at the link below.

Contact AIMMS Mentoring

What is mentoring?

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Mentoring is a protected relationship which supports learning and experimentation and helps individuals develop their potential. A mentoring relationship is one where both mentor and mentee recognise the need for personal development. Successful mentoring is based upon trust and confidentiality.

Mentors may enter a long term mentoring relationship or may be called upon to act as a one-step mentoring advice point for a specific topic. In all roles, the mentor will act as an independent source of career advice and support. Signposting to training for both mentors and mentees and will be provided through the AIMMS Mentoring scheme.

Background to AIMMS Mentoring

AIMMS Mentoring is the first national medical schools mentoring scheme that connects women from ethnic minority backgrounds at various clinical and non-clinical career pathways to provide them with a chance of acting as mentees and/or mentors to each other and to provide role models.

The idea is that it may be difficult to find mentors in senior positions with this intersectional background within any one institution so we adopted a cross institutional approach.
The scheme has been created to support the career development of ethnic minority women within medical schools and academic medicine in the UK, and through this to facilitate their progression to leadership levels.

The scheme is run by the University of Southampton in collaboration with the other founding members including the Academy of Medical Sciences and the universities of Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Hull York Medical School, Leeds, Leicester, St Andrews, Southampton and Swansea.

AIMMS Mentoring matching process and code of conduct

Further information about the matching process is available here.


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