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The University of Southampton

Our staff

List of all staff members in Medicine
Mohammad Reza AbdollahiNIHR clinical lecturer in molecular pathology and specialty registrar in cellular pathology
Ellen J AdamsDeputy Anatomical Sciences Laboratory Manager
Pritti AggarwalSenior Teaching Fellow
Avan Aihie SayerProfessor of Geriatric Medicine
Aymen Al-ShamkhaniProfessor in Immunology
Nisreen A AlwanAssociate Professor in Public Health
Jay AminAssociate Professor in Psychiatry of Older Age
Nigel ArdenProfessor in Rheumatic Diseases
Michael Ardern-JonesAssociate Professor
Syed Hasan ArshadProfessor of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Ibrahim AslanSenior Research Assistant
Janis BairdProfessor of Public Health and Epidemiology
David BaldwinProfessor of Psychiatry
Lisa Marie BallardResearch Fellow
Arindam BanerjeePostdoctoral Research Fellow
Diana BaralleProfessor of Genomic Medicine and Consultant in Clinical Genetics
Mary BarkerProfessor of Psychology and Behavioural Science, University of Southampton Honorary Reader in Psychology, Institute for Women’s Health, University College London
Sheila BartonSenior Statistician
James BatchelorDirector Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine
Andrew BatemanSenior Lecturer
Zubeyde Bayram-WestonResearch fellow for CLAS
Taeko BecqueResearch Fellow
Stephen BeersProfessor of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Rahul BhomeNIHR Clinical Lecturer in Surgery
Magdalena Kamila BieleckaResearch Fellow
Charles BirtsLecturer in Antibody Therapeutics
Amanda Jane Blatch-JonesSenior Research Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC
Jeremy BlaydesReader in Cancer Cell Biology
Ilse BloomResearch Nutritionist
Matthew BluntSenior Research Fellow, John Goldman Fellow
Delphine BocheProfessor of Neuroimmunopathology
Yury BogdanovLecturer in Transgenic Technologies
Scott BorderPrincipal Teaching Fellow in Anatomy
Simon BourneHonorary Clinical Teacher
Hannah M BowersResearch Fellow
Sarah B BrienPrincipal Research Advisor
Susan BroomfieldTrial Manager
Sarah BuchanSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Heiner BucherVisiting Professor
Kim BullSenior Research Fellow
Abby BullAssistant Research Manager (ARM) in Research on Research (RoR), NETSCC
Marc David BullockNIHR Clinical Lecturer in Surgery
Graham BurdgeProfessor of Nutritional Biochemistry
Hannah BurkeWellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow
Mark Andrew BurtonResearch Fellow
Christopher ByrneProfessor of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dankmar BöhningProfessor of Statistics, Director of S3RI
Felino CagampangAssociate Professor in Integrative Physiology
Philip CalderHead of Human Development & Health
Iain CameronEmeritus Professor
Roxana O CarareProfessor of Clinical Neuroanatomy
Ben ChadwickProgramme Leader of BM4 Programme
Ying CheongProfessor of Reproductive Medicine
Caroline Elizabeth ChildsLecturer in Nutritional Sciences
Maria ChorozoglouSenior Health Economist part of the SHTAC Health Economics team
Myron Christodoulides Professor of Microbiology
Hazel ChurchAssistant Research Manager (ARM) in Research on Research (RoR) and Impact, NETSCC
Gianluca CidonioEPSRC DP Fellow
Howard ClarkProfessor of Child Health
Tristan ClarkAssociate Professor
Stuart ClarkeAssociate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Nicholas ClarkeConsultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Ian ClarkeProfessor of Molecular Microbiology/Virology
Jane ClealLecturer in Epigenetics
David W ClearySenior Research Fellow in Microbial Sciences
Andrew CleggVisiting Professor
Geraldine CloughEmeritus Professor of Vascular Physiology
David CoggonProfessor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Jane CollinsSenior Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology
Andrew CollinsProfessor of Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics
Andrew CookConsultant in Public Health Medicine & Fellow in Health Technology Assessment
Keith CooperSenior Research Fellow
Cyrus CooperDirector of the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit
Ellen CopsonCancer Research UK Associate Professor in Medical Oncology
Peta Coulson-SmithSenior Teaching Fellow and Clinical Training Fellow Clinical Ethics and Law
Simon CrabbAssociate Professor in Medical Oncology
Mark CraggProfessor of Experimental Cancer Research
Gillian CrawfordClinical Reseach Fellow
Angela CreeSenior Research Manager Vision Sciences
Nick CrossProfessor of Human Genetics
Sarah CrozierSenior Medical Statistician
Jo CulpinSenior Tutor Team providing pastoral support to students in Years 3 & 4 as well as MMedSc
Thomas CumminClinical Research Fellow (Lymphoma)
Sally CurtisProfessorial Fellow, Education
Elizabeth (Beth) CurtisWellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow in Rheumatology
Nick CurzenChair of Interventional Cardiology
Ramsey CutressProfessor of Breast Surgery
Andrew DaviesHonorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Medical Oncology
Justin DaviesHonorary Associate Professor and Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist
Donna DaviesProfessor of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology,
Jonathan DawsonEPSRC Research Fellow
Charles DeakinHonorary Professor of Resuscitation and PreHospital Emergency Medicine
Elaine DennisonProfessor of Musculoskeletal Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant in Rheumatology
Rachel Dewar-Haggart (nee Ryves)Senior Research Assistant & Postgraduate Student
Sandi DheensaFormer senior research fellow and research project coordinator
Ratko DjukanovicProfessor of Medicine
Emily DonovanGP Registrar and Academic Clinical Fellow
Andrew DouglasConsultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Genetics
Peter F. Dutey-MagniResearch Fellow
Alistair EastonAssociate Professor of Pathology
Diana EcclesDean of Medicine
Judith EckertAssociate Professor in Early Development
Christopher EdwardsConsultant Rheumatologist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Magdy El-GoharyNIHR In Practice Fellow
Marinos EliaProfessor of Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism
Paul ElkingtonProfessor of Respiratory Medicine
Tim ElliottProfessor of Experimental Oncology
Nicola EnglystAssociate Professor
Sarah EnnisProfessor of Genomics
Nicholas EvansAssociate Professor in Bioengineering
Hazel EverittProfessor of Primary Care Research
Caroline EylesSenior Research Fellow
Kathryn FackrellResearch Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC
Caroline FallProfessor of International Paediatric Epidemiology
Saul FaustProfessor of Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Martin FeelischProfessor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology
Zhixin Frank FengSenior Research Fellow
Angela FenwickAssociate Professor in Medical Ethics and Education
Andrew FlowerSenior Research Fellow
Francesco ForconiAssociate Professor in Haematological Oncology
Geoff FramptonSenior Research Fellow
Nick FrancisProfessor of Primary Care Research
Simon DS FraserAssociate Professor of Public Health
Nicholas FuggleDunhill Clinical Research Fellow
Catharine GaleProfessor of Cognitive Epidemiology
Ian GaleaAssociate Professor in Experimental Neurology
Spiros D GarbisAssociate Professor
Steve GeorgeEmeritus Fellow
Adam GeraghtyAssociate Professor
Daniela GhioResearch Fellow in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education
Jane GibsonLecturer in Cancer Bioinformatics and Genomics
Ian G GilesEmeritus Fellow
Martin GlennieProfessor of Immunochemistry
Keith GodfreyProfessor of Epidemiology and Human Development
Chris GraingeHonorary Consultant Physician and Senior Lecturer
Juliet GrayAssociate Professor and Consultant in Paediatric Oncology
Lucy GreenAssociate Professor in Developmental Physiology
Gareth GriffithsProfessor of Clinical Trials
Kate GrimshawResearch fellow
Mike GrocottProfessor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine
Hans Michael HaitchiAssociate Professor in Respiratory Medicine & Clinician Scientist
Amy HallsResearch Manager at NETSCC
Mark HansonBritish Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science
Petra HarrisResearch Fellow
Elizabeth Clare HarrisSenior Research Fellow in Epidemiology
Nicholas C W HarveyProfessor of Rheumatology and Clinical Epidemiology
Michael HeadSenior Research Fellow
Eugene HealyProfessor of Dermatology/Honorary Consultant Dermatologist
John HeckelsEmeritus Professor
Catherine M HillAssociate Professor of Child Health
Faith HillEmeritus Professor in Medical Education
Joanna D HolbrookProfessor of Bioinformatics, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre
Stephen HolgateMedical Research Council Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician
Veronica HollisSenior Teaching Fellow
Judith HollowayProfessorial Fellow in Allergy
John HollowayProfessor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics
Clive HolmesProfessor of Biological Psychiatry
Edward J. B. HolmesSenior Research Assistant (NIHR SPCR)
Richard HoltProfessor in Diabetes and Endocrinology
Julie HooperClinical Research Trial Manager
Rachel HortonClinical Training Fellow
Parwez HossainAssociate Professor in Ophthalmology
Ruihua HouAssociate Professor in Psychiatry
Franchesca HoughtonAssociate Professor in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology
Hilda HounkpatinCLAHRC Research Fellow
Peter HowarthProfessor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician
Xiao-Yang (Mio) HuResearch Fellow
Stephanie HughesSenior Research Assistant & Postgraduate Student
Anna Christina HuntSenior Research Assistant ANTLER Trial
Paula HuntBM Finals Clinical Assessment Coordinator
Kinda IbrahimSenior Research Fellow in Geriatric Medicine
Hazel InskipProfessor of Statistical Epidemiology
Alan JacksonProfessor of Human Nutrition
Chandni Maria JacobSenior Research Assistant
Patricia JacobsHonorary Professor of Human Genetics
Edd JamesAssociate Professor in Cancer Immunology
Karen JamesonStatistician
Jo JefferiesHonorary Lecturer
Ian JenkinsTeaching Fellow in Anatomy
Peter JohnsonProfessor of Medical Oncology
Colin D JohnsonProfessor of Surgical Sciences
Matt JohnsonStatistician
Martina Johnson Senior Teaching Fellow – Faculty Development
Christine E. JonesAssociate Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Neelam KalitaSenior Research Fellow
Sarah Helen KehoeSenior Research Fellow
Jo KellyProgramme Manager
Jacquie KellyPrincipal Teaching Fellow (Faculty Development Lead)
Kathleen KendallAssociate Professor in Sociology as Applied to Medicine
Tony KendrickProfessor of Primary Care
Colin KennedyProfessor in Neurology and Paediatrics
Salim KhakooProfessor of Hepatology
Emma KingCRUK Senior Lecturer Head and Neck Surgery
David KingdonProfessor of Mental Health Care Delivery
Kalyanaraman KumaranClinical Scientist/Senior Lecturer
Ksenia KurbatskayaResearch Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC
Peter LackieNon-Clinical Lecturer
Lily Yuen Wan LaiPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Wendy LawrenceAssociate Professor of Health Psychology
Helena LeeMRC Clinician Scientist Fellow
Natasha LelijveldTeaching Fellow
Rohan LewisProfessor of Placental and Integrative Physiology
Geraldine LeydonProfessor of Medical Sociology & Healthcare Interaction
Megan LiddiardTrial Coordinator
Sean Hua LimAssociate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Haematological Oncology
Stephen Lim Clinical Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine
Catherine H LinakerSenior Research Fellow in Epidemiology
Paul Little CBEProfessor of Primary Care Research
Joanne LordProfessorial Fellow in Health Economics
Andrew LoteryProfessor of Ophthalmology
Mark LownClinical Lecturer
Matthew LoxhamBBSRC Future Leader Fellow
Jane LucasProfessor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Anneke LucassenProfessor of Clinical Genetics
Kate LyleSenior Research Fellow
Emily LynessAcademic Clinical Fellow in Primary Care
Ben MacArthurAssociate Professor in mathematics in the life sciences
Deborah MackayProfessor of Medical Epigenetics
Nicholas Stephen MacklonProfessor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Jens MadsenAssociate Professor in Child Health
Michael MahmoudiAssociate Professor in Interventional Cardiology
Thomas MaishmanDeputy Head of Statistics Southampton Clinical Trials Unit (SCTU)
Salah MansourPrincipal Research Fellow
Barrie MargettsEmeritus Professor
Ben MarshallConsultant Physician in Respiratory and General Medicine
Kate MartinsonTrial Manager
Christopher McCormickAssociate Professor of Molecular Virology
Clare R McDermottResearch Fellow
Nuala McGrathProfessor of Epidemiology and Sexual Health
Bruce McManusFaculty Assessment Analysis and Development Lead & BM Finals OSCE Coordinator
Katie MeadmoreSenior Research Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC
Bridgin MerronLymphoma Clinical Trials Fellow, part funded by Leukaemia and Lymphoma NI
Timothy MillarLecturer in Pharmacology
Ruairidh MilneProfessorial Fellow in Public Health
Alex MirnezamiProfessor of Surgical Oncology
Michael MooreProfessor of Primary Health Care Research
John MorganHonorary Professor of Cardiac Rhythm Management, Cardiology
Sara A Morgan (née Afshar)Lecturer in Public Health
Karen E MorrisonAssociate Dean, Education
Kate S MortonGlobal Health Senior Research Fellow
Stuart Morton Senior Teaching Fellow in Anatomy
Karwan MoutasimConsultant Cellular Pathologist
Mark MulleeProfessorial Fellow of Medical Statistics
Ingrid MullerLecturer, School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education
Penelope NestelPrincipal Teaching Fellow
Dave NewellSenior Research Fellow
Marie-Louise NewellProfessor of Global Health (both in Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Social Sciences)
Lisa NewingtonClinical Research Fellow, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow
Sonia NewmanPatient & Public Involvement Officer
Tracey NewmanAssociate Professor
James NicollProfessor of Neuropathology
Karen NugentSenior Lecturer in Surgery
Gillian O'ReillyTrial Manager
Raimund OberProfessor of Imaging and Biomedical Engineering
Richard OreffoProfessor of Musculoskeletal Science
Clive OsmondMedical Research Council Senior Scientist
Christian OttensmeierProfessor of Experimental Medicine
Wendy O’BrienProgramme Grant Manager, Senior Research Sister MRes, Health and Safety representative PCPS (AHC)
Karen O’ReillyPrimary Clinical Teaching Fellow
Graham PackhamProfessor of Molecular Oncology
Keith T PalmerProfessor of Occupational Medicine
Julie ParkesProfessor of Public Health
Tim PattenCo-ordinator of Medicine in Practice Year 1 Course
Sylvia L.F. PenderAssociate Professor in Mucosal Immunology,
Reuben J PengellyLecturer in Computational Genetics
Gavin PereiraMedicine in Practice Year 2 Course Coordinator
John PerryPrincipal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication
Robert PevelerProfessor of Liaison Psychiatry
Dean PhillipsSenior Research Advisor, NIHR Research Design Service South Central, University of Southampton
Ruth PickeringProfessor of Medical Statistics
Karen PickettResearch Fellow
Jo PicotSenior Research Fellow
Clare PolackProgramme Leader BM(EU)
Marta Ewa PolakWellcome Trust Research Fellow
Kirsten PooreLecturer in Physiology
Tony PostleProfessor in Developmental Biochemistry
N Kathleen PotterTissue Bank Manager
Caspian PriestResearch Assistant
John PrimroseProfessor of Surgery
Ashley PringleSenior Lecturer
James RafteryProfessor of Health Technology Assessment
Mohana RatnapalanNIHR SPCR Academic Clinical Fellow
J. Arjuna RatnayakaLecturer in Vision Sciences
Robert Charles ReadHead of Clinical and Experimental Sciences
Susie Rebelo HopkinsProgramme Leader MSc Diabetes Best Practice
Alejandra Recio-SaucedoSenior Research Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC
Claire ReidyResearch Fellow
David Anthony RewConsultant General Surgeon
Faisal I RezwanSenior Research Fellow
Katharine RichardsonVisiting Fellow
Luca RicheldiProfessor of Respiratory Medicine, Chair of Interstitial Lung Disease
Dieter Riethmacher Associate Professor in Human Genetics
Helen RobertsProfessor of Medicine for Older People and Honorary Consultant in Geriatric Medicine
Graham RobertsProfessor and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician in Paediatric Allergy and Respiratory Medicine
Paul RoderickProfessor of Public Health
Ali RoghanianLecturer
Deborah RoseDirector of Primary Care Teaching
Matthew Rose-ZerilliSenior Research Fellow in Cancer Evolution
Surinder SahotaReader in Immunogenetics
Rami SalibHEFCE Associate Professor in Rhinology & Honorary Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist
Anthony SampsonProfessorial Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology
Tilman Sanchez-ElsnerAssociate Professor in Biomedical Sciences
Miriam SanterAssociate Professor in Primary Care Research
Natalia SavelyevaLecturer in Cancer Immunology
Constantinos SavvaClinical Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Medical Oncology
A. Emre SayanLecturer
Amgad SbayehTeaching fellow in Anatomy
Juliette SchuurmansJoint PhD student in Clinical Ethics and Law
Jackie SeelyPatient and Public Involvement Officer
Jay Edward SelfAssociate Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist
Jaswinder K SethiPrincipal Research Fellow in Immunometabolism
Sarah C ShawSenior Research Assistant, PhD Student
Cliff ShearmanProfessor of Vascular Surgery
Jonathan ShepherdPrincipal Research Fellow
Nick SheronProfessor and Head of Population Hepatology Research Group
Julia SinclairProfessor of Addiction Psychiatry
Jenny R SkidmoreDirector of the Centre for Learning Anatomical Sciences
Dia SoilemeziQualitative Research Fellow
Bhaskar K SomaniConsultant Urological Surgeon
Louise Stanton (nee Dent)Head of Statistics, Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, Principal Enterprise Fellow, SCTU Scientific Lead for Lymphoma
Karl StaplesAssociate Professor in Translational Medicine, Enterprise Fellow
Andrew SteeleAssociate Professor
Christopher StephensEmeritus Professor Medical Education
Martin J StevensSenior Research Assistant
Freda StevensonProfessor of Immunology
Jonathan StreffordProfessor in Cancer Molecular Genetics
Sofia StrommerPsychologist
Beth StuartAssociate Professor
Emily Jane SwindleAssociate Professor in Pharmacology
Holly Emma SyddallSenior Research Fellow in Epidemiology/Medical Statistics
William J TapperAssociate Professor in Genomic Informatics
Rahul TareLecturer - Musculoskeletal Science and Bioengineering
Emma TeasdaleResearch Fellow
Marc TebrueggeNational Institute for Health Research Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Karen TempleProfessor of Medical Genetics
Liku Bekele Tezera Senior Research Fellow
Stephen ThirdboroughSenior Research Fellow in Systems Biology
Mike ThomasProfessor of Primary Care Research
Gareth ThomasProfessor of Experimental Pathology
Tammy ThomasTrial Manager
Anja TimmSenior Research Fellow in Education
Jo TodNIHR Clinical Lecturer in Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Christopher TorrensAssociate Professor in Physiology
Jeanne TrillVisiting Research Fellow
Linda TurnerStudent Selected Unit Coordinator Years 1 and 2 BM5
Tim UnderwoodProfessor of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Bas Van Rijn Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Jane VennikResearch Fellow
Christina VogelPrincipal Research Fellow in Public Health Nutrition
Brigitte Vollmer Associate Professor of Neonatal and Paediatric Neurology
Igor VorechovskyPrincipal Research Fellow
David WalkerLaboratory Manager
Karen Walker-BoneProfessor in Occupational Rheumatology and Honorary Consultant in Rheumatology
Andrew WallsReader in Immunopharmacology
Harriet S WalterCancer Research UK Clinical Trials Fellow
Zoë S WaltersLecturer in Translational Epigenomics
Kate A WardAssociate Professor
E. Sally WardProfessor of Molecular Immunology and Director of Translational Immunology
Jane WarnerSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Daniella WatsonSenior Research Assistant
Karen WelchInformation Specialist
Malcolm WestNational Institute of Health Research Clinical Lecturer in Surgery
Jonathan James WestInstitute for Life Science Research Fellow
Leo WestburyResearch Fellow / Medical Statistician
Gabrielle WhewayLecturer in Functional Genomics
Ann WhiteSenior Research Fellow
Amy WhiteheadSenior Statistician
Christopher R WilcoxWessex NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in General Practice
Tom WilkinsonProfessor of Respiratory Medicine and Honorary NHS Consultant Physician
Jane WilkinsonConsultant Respiratory Physician, Honorary Senior Lecturer, and BM5 Programme Leader
Sandrine Willaime-MorawekAssociate Professor in Stem cells and Neurobiology, Enterprise fellow
Merlin L WillcoxAcademic Clinical Lecturer
Samantha WilliamsQualitative Senior Research Assistant
Anthony WilliamsProfessor of Translational Medicine
Ian WilliamsonVisiting Fellow
Susan WilsonAssociate Professor and Head of the Histochemistry Research Unit
David WilsonProfessor of Human Developmental Genetics
Christopher WoelkReader in Genomics and Bioinformatics
Wendy WoodSenior Research Adviser
Catherine Jane WoodsResearch Fellow
Stephen WoottonSenior Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Guiqing Lily YaoAssociate Professor in Health Economics & Head of Health Economics Analyses Team (HEAT)
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