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The University of Southampton

What our students think

Photo of Alaa Al Zaghal

Studying at Southampton has really opened my eyes. I have met people from so many different backgrounds and I feel this has helped to develop my skills as a future doctor.

Alaa Al Zaghal - BM5, final year 2022
Photo of Ngoc Anh Vu Ha

Medicine at Southampton can provide you with many opportunities to achieve your dream and offers experiences that will influence your future career.

Ngoc Anh Vu Ha - BM5,
Photo of Daniel Asby

The deciding factor in choosing Southampton was the enthusiasm and excitement shown by my PhD supervisor when he described the research

Daniel Asby - Full-time PhD in Human Genetics
Photo of Charlotte Bocking

I chose Southampton because of the course’s early interaction with patients. I really enjoyed the early clinical exposure you get on the course. It was really important to me because it puts into context, straight away, what you are learning.

Charlotte Bocking - BM5,
Photo of Jenni Butler

I’ve loved my time at Southampton. I’ve really enjoyed getting into the clinical side of it and the ability to do the student selected units was really good for me to gain more experience in acute care settings. This is a good place to be a student because you can get a lot of hands on experience.

Jenni Butler - BM4
Photo of Jocelyn Cheuk

Placements allowed me to gain hands-on skills and apply the knowledge learnt in the first two years and allowed me to appreciate the importance of good communication skills and the benefits of a good doctor-patient relationship.

Jocelyn Cheuk -
Photo of Ahmed Dawoud

The facilities at Southampton provided me with the clinical genetics services and laboratories that really supported my academic studies. There is also a great deal of genomics expertise in Southampton; scientists here participate in a wide range of national and international genetics and cancer projects.

Ahmed Dawoud - MSc Genomics Medicine 2017
Photo of Sally-Ann Denton

Through my learning, my confidence in my own knowledge has increased and I have been able to use my skills to teach colleagues and other health care professionals about food allergy.

Sally-Ann Denton - MSc Allergy Medicine 2012
Photo of Poppy Duncan

The variety of lectures has beenamazing. We covered a large range of topics within the genomics area of medicine that proved challenging, but the tutors and lecturers were all extremely supportive throughout the entire course.

Poppy Duncan - MSc Genomic Medicine 2019
Photo of Laura Brophy, Ellen Williams

I’ve had a fantastic time at Southampton and made incredible friends who I will take with me for the rest of my life. Throw yourself into everything you can, especially for those first few years.

Laura Brophy, Ellen Williams - BM5
Photo of Adam Fox

I chose to study at Southampton because it has such a strong reputation in the field of allergy and a well-established, flexible course that I could fit into my fulltime work schedule as a paediatric specialist trainee.

Adam Fox - Diploma in Allergy
Photo of Niloo Ganji

I was always passionate about the field of genetics and I really enjoyed putting my theories to the test in the lab environment. The skills I have gained from this course will help me professionally, particularly in research.

Niloo Ganji - MSc Genomic Medicine 2019
Photo of Charlotte Harrison

My time at Southampton has been brilliant. When I visited it, I felt it was a really great place to be – there was a buzz on campus and the facilities were a high standard. The course has so much to offer.

Charlotte Harrison - BM5 with intercalated year
Photo of Amy Jones

I hope that eventually my research will help us understand why some people may be predisposed to developing cancer.

Amy Jones - Part-time PhD in Human Genetics
Photo of Ekaterina Khaleva

I like to think of myself as an ‘Allergy fighter’ and I was excited to learn about new therapeutic tools from word-leading experts that can provide an escape route for patients with severe and life-threatening allergies

Ekaterina Khaleva - MSc Allergy 2019
Photo of Maria Lane

Genomic medicine is a huge area with the potential to really benefit patients, and I wanted to be a part of this exciting and fast moving environment. I chose to study at Southampton because of their reputation for expertise, knowledge and experience in this field, and it was a fantastic experience with incredible staff who were supportive throughout my studies.

Maria Lane - MSc Genomics Medicine 2019
Photo of Hailey Laurayne

The general feel of the University as well as the people and professors made me feel right at home.

Hailey Laurayne -
Photo of Vineeth Lekkala

As an international student I definitely took advantage of the support on offer when I arrived. It was so helpful to learn from the experience of other international students in the years above me so that I could find out what to expect. You get to experience lots of different cultures here too – we all celebrated Chinese New Year this year – the cultural mix is fun.

Vineeth Lekkala -
Photo of Alex Lister

This course has provided me with a toolkit of valuable skills such as public speaking, critical appraisal and time management which are applicable for any workplace. Applying theories and frameworks to real world situations has greatly boosted my understanding of health.

Alex Lister - MSc Public Health 2019
Photo of Kelly Lowings

I knew that Medicine at Southampton had a good reputation for its research into this area (infection, inflammation and immunity) so I really wanted to carry on studying there

Kelly Lowings - Full-time PhD in Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Photo of Abrie Marais

The programme gave me the opportunity to combine the skills I learnt on the course, with my optometrist skills, to result in something truly rewarding in the For Sight Trust.

Abrie Marais - 2016
Photo of Raymond McCrudden

It was a great privilege to study Medicine at Southampton as the University is a major player in research in the UK

Raymond McCrudden - Part-time Doctorate of Medicine in Biomedical Sciences
Photo of Hannah Oliver

The Faculty of Medicine has offered me a lot of support over the past 3 years and I feel that I will be fully supported if I have any problems in the future. Learning here is a pleasure and I have no doubt that any medic at the University of Southampton will make a wonderful doctor.

Hannah Oliver - Medicine and MMedSc
Photo of Claire Powell

I decided to study at the University of Southampton because I knew it was very strong at research-based learning and when I looked around I was very impressed with the facilities - both academic and social

Claire Powell - Full-time PhD in Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Photo of Lissie Rolf

I chose to study at Southampton because I wanted to learn more about how genomic medicine could be applied to improve patient care. I really benefitted from the enthusiasm and expertise of the scientists and clinicians at Southampton and it was inspiring to see the wide-reaching applications of genomic medicine from research, to patient care and public health.

Lissie Rolf - MSc Genomics Medicine 2019
Photo of Prarthana Venkatesh

My BMedSci research project in the first semester of third year was in paediatric cardiology, a field that I have always been interested in. By having a full semester to delve into the depths of my topic and engage in research, I have been able to explore a field that I might choose to pursue.

Prarthana Venkatesh - BM5
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