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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Careers with Oceanography

An Oceanography degree from the University of Southampton will provide you with skills for a variety of careers.

Our oceanography graduates gain employment in the marine sector in coastal engineering and consultancy or environmental consultancy for example, or with government laboratories and agencies including the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Environment Agency and the Natural Environmental Research Council.

Our Oceanography with French graduates have the additional advantage of language - bi-lingual scientists are well suited to work all over Europe. Many oceanographic research projects are international and can involve collaborative work between English and French laboratories. More broadly, the additional language qualification alongside a science degree provides an excellent competitive background for a more general career in European industry or science.

Graduates are not restricted to work in the marine sector, as our degrees provide training in skills such as written and oral communication, computer literacy, information analysis and problem solving, time management and numeracy that can be applied to a range of other careers.

Graduates who wish to continue in the university or academic sector will find that a Southampton degree is well regarded. Those who go on to undertake research leading to a PhD are employable as research fellows and lecturers.

Photo of Nigel Fisher
My time at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton allowed me to express my interests in the environment by providing opportunities to study, learn and experience different scientific disciples and techniques.
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