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The University of Southampton

Dr Graeme Fairchild joins Psychology

Published: 11 August 2010
Graeme Fairchild

Psychology welcomes Dr Graeme Fairchild, who took up a lectureship in Abnormal Psychology at the University of Southampton on 1 August 2010.

Previously with the Psychiatry Department at the University of Cambridge, Graeme introduces himself and explains the move.  "I was particularly attracted by Psychology's strengths in developmental psychopathology and adult atypical psychology," he says, "and because Psychology has a clear career progression structure."

"My work is concerned with the development of severe antisocial behaviour and pathological aggression, and I have used non-invasive brain imaging techniques, stress induction methods, and a host of neuropsychological tests to ask questions about individual vulnerabilities that may lead to antisocial behaviour.

"I hope to run longitudinal studies in collaboration with my new colleagues to investigate whether the neural and neuropsychological differences I previously observed in young offenders play a causal role in the emergence of their disruptive behaviour."

Graeme is am officially a member of the Emotion and Motivation Lab, but expects also to work closely with colleagues in the Developmental Brain Behaviour Lab, reflecting the close ties between these groups.

Developmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)

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