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Careers & Employability

At the University of Southampton, we believe in providing our students with skills, experience and opportunities to help in acquiring a future career.

Through our Careers and Employability service, you are given guidance and support throughout your studies and including post-studies for up to three years after graduation.

Each faculty provides ample opportunities to get involved in a wide range of programs that can help towards gainful employment. Find out more below.

You will know already that an accredited programme such as our BSc (Hons) Psychology opens doors for you into the postgraduate training that you might need in order to practice as a psychologist.

Psychology at Southampton is one of very few programmes in the UK to offer the opportunity to gain additional psychology-relevant work experience through our Voluntary Research Assistant scheme. We organise placements throughout the semester and over the summer allowing highly motivated students to work alongside experienced research and psychology professionals across a range of settings and psychology disciplines. This helps our students to build their CV, gain professional contacts, and identify potential referees to give them a head-start when graduating. Find out more under ‘Volunteering.’

Gaining a psychology degree from a top-flight university opens many other doors. You will graduate with an impressive set of transferrable skills, valuable to any future employer: 

For further details on career options, see the careers opportunities page.

The psychology field is so large and interesting that you’ll end up changing your mind about your career path every five minutes. I entered the degree with ideas of becoming a counsellor, and I am leaving my undergraduate studies with the intention of becoming a psychology researcher.

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