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What our students think

Photo of Patricia Batchelor
I chose the University of Southampton because of its world-class reputation and the campus layout.
Patricia Batchelor - BSc Psychology
Photo of Abigail Brandreth
You can take optional modules in other subjects; in year 3 I took Spanish modules for the whole year. It’s really enhanced my learning of languages and a nice juxtaposition to Psychology.
Abigail Brandreth - BSc Psychology
Photo of Robert Chan Seem
What I enjoyed about my course was how much you could specialise. I’m quite into eye-movements and visual cognition and I had the opportunity to do a third-year module on that, which was Eye Movements and Visual Cognition with Simon Liversedge. To be taught by some of the best lecturers and researchers in the UK, if not Europe, was amazing
Robert Chan Seem - BSc Psychology
Photo of Joanna Fairey
Out of all the universities I visited, Southampton was the one I felt most comfortable at. The lecturers I met in my department on the open days were so enthusiastic about their subject that I felt like it would be an environment I would really enjoy studying in.
Joanna Fairey - BSc Psychology
Photo of Chloe Godden
Studying at Southampton is enjoyable as especially during 3rd year I have been able to choose my modules so I really enjoy everything I am learning about, I can also tell that the lecturers are passionate about what they are teaching.
Chloe Godden - BSc Psychology
Photo of Molly Maguire
The quality of teaching seemed excellent, the campus was lovely, the facilities were great, and it seemed to be an institution that had many ways to help me grow and expand as a person.
Molly Maguire - BSc Psychology
Photo of Greg Simmonds
I participated in the Volunteer Research Assistant (VRA) scheme, which was great to get involved in, and I think that gave me the confidence to apply for the role which I’m now getting publications with. It was also a great opportunity to see more about the lifespan of a research project as a whole; not just the essay side of things.
Greg Simmonds - BSc Psychology
Photo of Dulcie Wyatt
My Psychology degree really equipped me with the skills I need for my role with the Office for National Statistics; you have to have a degree with a formal statistical component, and the BSc Psychology satisfies that requirement.
Dulcie Wyatt - BSc Psychology

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