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What relevant work experience would I need?

It is often very competitive to obtain a place on a postgraduate course in Counselling Psychology. Whether or not you will be accepted onto one of these courses depends on what relevant work experience you have undertaken. Voluntary work usually needs to be obtained before paid work, and is just as valuable as it shows that you have developed basic skills for this area which can later be enhanced. This will definitely give you an edge over competitors!

Sometimes it’s challenging to find work experience in a social or health care setting. If this is the case, shadowing someone to find out more about their job would be useful or even arranging a meeting with them to discuss what their career entails. The BPS allows you to search for psychologists in your area.

Below are a few opportunities that would be relevance to the Counselling field (including some in the local area):

CRB Check

A Criminal Records Bureau Check will be needed if you are dealing with confidential or sensitive information.

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