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Assessment Timetables


Apart from some programmes that carry certain regulatory conditions it is very unlikely that formal closed book assessment, such as those normally scheduled in a large hall setting, will take place in 2021. Your student office will let you know what alternative assessment will be put in place as soon as possible.

Academic Year 2020/21 Assessment Dates:

Semester 1 assessment: Monday 18 January - Friday 29 January 2021 (but possibly including Saturday 23 and 30 January)

Semester 2 assessment: Monday 17 May - Friday 4 June 2021 (excluding Bank Holiday Monday 31 May but possibly including Saturday 22 May and 29 May)

Supplementary Assessment: Monday 30 August - Friday 10 September 2021 (excluding bank holiday Monday 30 August but possibly including Saturday 11 September)

Individual Assessment Timetables

Individual assessment timetables will be published by no later than Friday 20 August  2021 and can be accessed via your SUSSED account.  The assessment period is from Tuesday 31 August - Friday 10 September.

Your individual timetable shows a definitive time/date and the location and seat number for your assessments.  Please use the seating plans which can be found at the bottom of this page to determine your exact location.  If you have a missing assessment or have been scheduled onto the wrong assessment please do not worry but you will need to contact us either in person at Building 37, Room 2083 or by phone 0044 (0) 23 8059 2823 or by email at

Important Notice:
If assessments have to be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances (e.g. inclement weather, sudden loss of venues) they may be rescheduled at short notice to an alternative date within term time. If you plan to leave the campus during term time, you risk being unable to attend your assessment. This may affect your academic progress.


Dictionaries and Other Assessment Regulations

Please make sure you read the information about what sort of dictionary you can use in your assessment, and all other assessment regulations which can be found under Assessment Regulations page.

If you have any questions please contact us on or by phone 0044 (0) 23 8059 2823.


Online Exams

ExamStart is an entry portal to a computer aided assessment - whether you are completing a computer-aided assessment or completing your exam on a PC rather than by hand.  If you want to preview how the software works please use the links in the table below:

User Word Exam Perception Exam

Do you need help or support with your assessment?

Do you need help or support with your assessment?

If you are experiencing unmanageable levels of stress or anxiety, for which you need support, please contact the First Support team who are the initial point of contact in supporting students experiencing significant difficulties.  Visit the Enabling Services webpages for further information on mental health and wellbeing support.



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