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BBC Media editor, Amol Rajan asks 'What kind of internet do you want?'

Published: 5 July 2019
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In an article written by Amol Rajan for the BBC News online, he talks about how he has been influenced by a paper written by Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Dr Keiron O'Hara.

He says 'In recent months I have been influenced by a paper on The Geopolitics of Digital Governance by two University of Southampton academics, Kieron O'Hara and Dame Wendy Hall. The paper popularised, but didn't invent, the idea of the "splinternet" - namely, that there is not one internet, but four.

These four internets are, broadly: the open, universalist version envisioned by the web's pioneers; the current, largely Californian internet dominated by a few tech giants (Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook); a more regulated, European internet; and an authoritarian, walled-garden approach, of the kind seen in China, which has its own tech giants (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent).'

You can read the full article here.

Find out more about Wendy Hall and Keiron O'Hara.

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