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Photo of Arinze Ekwosimba
My quest for knowledge about cutting-edge technology led me to choose the University of Southampton due to its ranking as virtually the best in electronics engineering department in the UK.
Arinze Ekwosimba - MEng Electronics Engineering with Wireless Communication
Photo of Michelle Gajewski
I would definitely recommend the University of Southampton to students from my home country because of how supportive the university is as a whole to ensure student success.
Michelle Gajewski - LLB Accelerated (J.D. Pathway)
Photo of Rolyne Kendi Mworia
Being accepted to study at the prestigious Institute of Maritime Law in the University of Southampton was indeed a dream come true. It places me on the map of Women in Maritime.
Rolyne Kendi Mworia - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Houry  Sarafian
With all the available reputable universities in UK, the University of Southampton was the perfect fit for everything I was searching for. The University of Southampton gave me much more than a Masters degree printed on a piece of paper but rather a well rounded experience of what it takes to become a better version of myself.
Houry Sarafian - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Anand Kumar Selvam
Southampton, the best place to live in UK. A one year stay at Southampton does not feel like I was in alien land but it was home away from home. Do not think about a second choice when you get an opportunity to study at University of Southampton.
Anand Kumar Selvam - MSc Electrochemistry
Photo of Apeksha Shah
The best part of the city which I like is that the majority of the population comprises of students here. Hence one does not feel alone and it is very easy to mix with other people.
Apeksha Shah - MA Fashion Management
Photo of Ahmed Shalaby
My first impression was simply “amazed”! The efforts made to make studying here as easy as possible are felt at each and every step! The friendly staff made everything easier. I would definitely recommend the University of Southampton to Egyptian students. The support they will have here is more than enough. They will be welcomed and never feel strangers.
Ahmed Shalaby - MSc Genomic Medicine
Photo of Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih
I would highly recommend the University of Southampton, Highfield and Malaysia campus, to ambitious Egyptian students who are looking to kick-start their career, not only due to the university’s reputation but also due to wide international community at the university and the friendly staff who will offer you help both on the academic and personal sides of your journey.
Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih - MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Photo of Nur Amalina Zulkiflee
The living cost here is affordable and it is easy to get foods and necessary things here.
Nur Amalina Zulkiflee - BSc Mathematics

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