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Arinze Ekwosimba, MEng in Electronics Engineering with Wireless Communication: Nigeria

Nigerian student Arinze Ekwosimba
Arinze Ekwosimba

"My quest for knowledge about cutting-edge technology led me to choose the University of Southampton due to its ranking as virtually the best in electronics engineering department in the UK."

What do you enjoy most about living in Southampton?

The first thing that struck me about Southampton was the vast amount of green space available everywhere and I mean everywhere. From the halls to the Campus and then to the Common park and the variety of parks available around the city it just feels like one is living in a 'green city'.

One of the aspects I have enjoyed most here has been the laboratory experiments where we get to build different kinds of circuits and get them to work.

Did you face any challenges while studying and living in Southampton?

One of the challenges encountered was the food, which was very different from what I was used to back home. However, with the help of my friends and those around I have been able to understand the local dishes much more.

Were you involved in any International Office projects? 

The privilege of being a Student Ambassador in the International Office has been an exciting experience. The Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels of the International Office are aimed at providing international students with a tailored platform to get much more from their time here at the University. The Ambassador's role is to facilitate this and ensure that students derive maximum benefits from these platforms. It has provided me with skills such as team working, working under authority and sticking to regulations, among others.

Apeksha Shah, MA Fashion Management at Winchester School of Art: India

Indian student Apeksha Shah
Apeksha Shah

"The best part of the city which I like is that the majority of the population comprises of students here. Hence one does not feel alone and it is very easy to mix with other people!"

What attracted you to the University of Southampton?

Of all the universities I applied to I preferred Southampton as it had a greater ranking compared to others, with a good established image and reputation. Also it provided the exact course and curricculum that I wanted to learn, along with good staff support.

The best part of the University was the high level of management with regards to various aspects. Also the halls of residence provided by university are very safe. The on-campus staff of the halls are available 24 hours and are very cooperative. Also the University of Southampton provides various student support for careers, visa guidance, money matters etc.

What do you enjoy most about living in Southampton?

Southampton is a very beautiful, green and quiet place. Also, London is just one hour by train, so we can visit it quite often. Though it is a small city you can find everything, with good places for shopping.

Were there any challenges during your studying and living in Southampton?

When I came to Southampton the main difficulty I faced was about transport, as I was new to the routes and modes of transport. But the travel office in the University guided me through which was very helpful.

Did you receive a scholarship?

I received a £1,000 scholarship for my tuition fees which was very helpful for me! Also the university provides good socialising opportunities by conducting various events to help international students adjust to the peer group.

Why did you decide to do a postgraduate course?

I completed my BSc in Fashion Designing from Pune, India. During my course I was thrilled with the business side of fashion. I wanted to gain more knowledge and expose myself to a wider area, and hence my interests persuaded me to undertake post-graduation in this subject.

What do you hope to do after your postgraduate course?

I am planning to undertake an internship for a few months for work experience and then work full time for a year or so.

Nur Amalina Zulkiflee, BSc Mathematics: Malaysia

Malaysian student Nur Amalina Zulkiflee
Nur Amalina Zulkiflee

"The living cost here is affordable and it is easy to get foods and necessary things here."

What attracted you to the University of Southampton?

University of Southampton is the best choice for me because the facilities are good, systematic administration department, peaceful study environment and affordable living style. I decided to do my course because the module provided by my school (Mathematics) are interesting especially Number Theory and Coding. The best thing about the university is that you can join any activity organised by clubs and societies and you can mix with local and foreign students without any sentimental issue.

What do you enjoy most about living in Southampton?

The living cost here is affordable and it is easy to get foods and necessary things here. You can live with sunny weather (especially during spring and summer) as Malaysians really get used to summer season all the time.

Did you find anything difficult or challenging while studying and living in Southampton?

I had difficulties in time management. As a mathematics student, I need to do a lot of assignments and at the same time I need to handle Malaysian Student Society (MSA). But it is worth to work for your own national society as you can get experience and enhance your leadership skill. To overcome this problem, I needed to create a timetable and do some "important-urgent" table so I could be more alert about due date and etc.

Did you receive a scholarship?

I received a scholarship from Malaysia Government and I also received a scholarship from the School of Mathematics. Some of my friends and I are involved in a meeting with International Office her helping them to promote the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC). I was so grateful for being selected as one of the committee to help in promoting and marketing USMC.

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