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Welcome to the University of Southampton! iSolutions is your IT support service and we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to connect you to your University IT.

There are a number of IT services available to all our staff from free Wi-Fi to more specialised pieces of software.

To keep up-to-date with iSolutions, find us on Twitter.

Your account and password

Your computing account allows you to use University computers, email, websites and other electronic resources.

Creating your account will give you a unique username and password, which you will then be able to use to log into University systems. It will also create a personal filestore and an email account for you.

Resetting your password

Your University password (in combination with your username) allows you to use University computing facilities. You can change your own password, or reset it yourself if you have forgotten it. If you have forgotten it you will have to provide some additional information as a security check.

Please visit Subscribe to update your details or reset/change your password.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). Please allow 30 minutes for your IT account to synchronise before moving onto this step.

MFA will verify your identity when logging into your IT account, adding an additional layer of security. You may already be familiar with MFA if you use online banking.

Setting up MFA is essential, and you will be unable to access university IT services until this is complete.

MFA can be set up using your mobile phone, via an app, receiving an SMS text message or a phone call. We recommend using the authenticator app and setting SMS as a backup. 

Read guidance on how to set up MFA in this Knowledge Base article. 

Email and calendar

The University uses Microsoft Outlook email and calendar. Find out more at Email and calendar | iSolutions | University of Southampton. Please note that your calendars are set up to share appointment details by default to anyone within the organisation. Find out how to change the visibility in this step-by-step guide.


SUSSED (Southampton University Staff/student Social & Educational Directory) is the University's Web portal. The portal provides a personalised view of the web resources that are available to you as a member of the University.

Log in to access the full range of features, from the latest campus news, upcoming events and internal job advertisements through to sites dedicated to each service and academic area around the University.

SUSSED is also the portal through which you can access key administrative systems including Agresso (procurement), MyView (leave bookings, pay slips) and Room Bookings.

Log in to SUSSED here.



We provide a number of ways for you to get the software you need onto your PC:

The 'Additional Software' icon is present on all University Windows desktops and workstations for students. Many of the most commonly used items of software in use at the University are available for installation through this shortcut.

Many of the software agreements that iSolutions enter into with manufacturers enable installations by students and staff on their own systems. The software download site: allows you to log in and download those applications.



Find out about how you can print on University printers:

Printing services for University staff

Working away from campus

University IT services can generally be accessed off campus either directly or by using the SVE service.

Southampton Virtual Environment

Common Learning Spaces

Common Learning Space teaching rooms are equipped with computers, projectors, visualisers, microphones and speakers. The CLS Guide provides concise advice to help tutors use this equipment as well as instructions on connecting their own laptop or mobile device. Further information can be found here: Common Learning Space Guide

Saving and storage

All staff and students have access to 5TB of OneDrive secure, backed up cloud storage as a part of your university Microsoft 365 account. You have this for the duration of your time here. For new staff using university computers, OneDrive is set as your default saving location and can be found under ‘Documents’.

You also have file storage available through Teams / Sharepoint for collaborative working.

Discovery tool: Enhance your digital skills

Do you want to build your digital skills to help you work more effectively? Perhaps you want to be able to communicate with others across a range of media or make better use of digital tools to manage your work.

The Jisc Discovery tool is a digital skills self-assessment. It asks you questions about your skills and confidence in different areas, then creates a report, highlighting your strengths and areas where you can develop your skills. The report also recommends resources to help you build your skills, including learning pathways we have built in LinkedIn Learning. Please note, the report is anonymous – your name will not be saved.

Access more information and a guide for staff, or you can simply log in and get started.

Policies and regulations


iSolutions provides and manages access to a range of IT resources and services on behalf of the University.

In addition to the University regulations, the Director of iSolutions has (with the approval of the University) put in place the following regulations and policies relating to the use of services provided by iSolutions.


  • The regulations for the use of computing services apply to use of all services provided by iSolutions.
  • University data network - terms and conditions apply to any devices or services connected to the University of Southampton network.
  • University data network - halls of residence connections, terms and conditions apply to all users and systems connected in the halls of residence.
Our regulations and policies can be found here:


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