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The University of Southampton

Outreach and Engagement

We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and, through our research, positively impacting the health and wellbeing of people around the world. We are also committed to reaching out to the wider community through public engagement activities and initiatives. This increasingly important part of medical research enables us to build stronger relationships with schools, community, business, alumni and families.


Public Engagement


The societal and economic impact of medical research is an integral part of our research, and we are dedicated to supporting our researchers in actively engaging with the public.

Through public engagement, we deliver a range of activities aimed at sharing research and information with the public. It is an exchange of knowledge, allowing researchers to meet with the wider community. It enables us to interact, listen and learn about who might benefit from our work, and how our research might meet the needs of society. It is also a way of encouraging people to take an active interest in what we are doing on a local and global scale.

LifeLab Students


LifeLab is an innovative educational intervention which actively engages young people, teachers and researchers. 

Pupils Outreach Activity

Murder in the Medical School

Local school pupils use their expertise to assess individual lines of evidence of a murder in the medical school and then work together in a case conference to solve the crime.


BM6 Widening Access

We established our Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery six-year degree course to widen access to the medical profession. The programme, which has achieved national recognition.

Killer T-Cells Activity

Killer T-Cells

Cancer Research UK and Professor Tim Elliott, the game has attracted much attention at outreach events, university open days and part of the University of Southampton Roadshow.

Body DNA Activity

University Roadshow

This is an annual "Bringing research to life" road show showcases a selection of our research. We tour both regionally and at national events between February and September.

Science and Engineering Festival

Science and Engineering Festival

Science and Engineering Day 2016 will take place on Saturday 12th March. Science and engineering play a crucial role in our every day lives.

Stem Cell Mountain

Stem Cell Mountain

This award-winning and irresistible hands-on exhibit has engaged festival goers at Glastonbury and Bestival.

Biomedical Image

Science and Art

Medicine has always held a particular fascination for the arts community, combining as it does such a wide variety of concepts, scales and values.


Other public engagement and outreach activities that we support and will continue to be actively involved with include:


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