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The University of Southampton

Our schools

Our five schools are each directed by leading academics who work together to deliver the Faculty's education, research, enterprise and international strategies, both within and across the schools. 

Our School of Medical Education is a distinctive unit whose staff lead the broad-based and vocational Bachelor of Medicine (BM) programmes. The School supports scientists and clinicians in the Faculty, the wider University, the NHS and other European healthcare organisations. Whilst colleagues in all schools engage in the delivery of undergraduate education, the development and leadership of our BM programmes at Faculty level is overseen by Medical Education.

Cancer Sciences

Cancer sciences

Cancer research ranges from basic cellular and molecular biology right through to the epidemiology of service provision. 


Clinical and Experimental Sciences

The resulting new treatments and diagnostic tools that emerge from our research, combined with our influence over policy and practice, are helping to improve the health outcomes for many.


Human Development and Health

We incorporate the work of the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, the NIHR Nutrition Biomedical Research Centre and the University's Institute of Developmental Sciences.

We are the leading centre in the world researching how human development affects risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, bone and joint disease, cognitive decline and frailty in the elderly, and how these diseases can be prevented by interventions in early life.

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