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The University of Southampton

Continuing professional development

The MSc programmes in the Faculty of Medicine offer a number of modules from their allergy, genomics and public health courses. The following modules are offered as CPD and you can apply to take them either as single modules with assessment for the credits, or as short courses without assessment for the knowledge.

Single Modules with credit

All our modules are available as stand alone modules where successful students will be awarded the relevant credits gained. These awards are Postgraduate Credits in Medicine. The total credits that students can do should be less than 30 ECTS (the credits required for the PG Cert). Students who take the modules with credit can apply to transfer their credits on to our PG Certificate, PG Diploma or MSc programmes.

Single Modules without credit

Our modules are also available as CPD courses where participants can benefit from the knowledge without undergoing assessment. The name of this programme is the PG Non-credit Medicine programme. Please contact for the application form.

Short Courses

We offer the following two CPD short courses through the Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre (SHTAC):

These courses take place live online over two mornings and require no prior knowledge of systematic review methods or health economics. On completion you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please contact for more information or to book your place.

All of our courses are regulated in England by the Office for Students (OfS).

Foundations of Allergic DiseaseMEDI6081
Applied Qualitative Research for HealthMEDI6265
Translational MedicineMEDI6219
Qualitative Methods for Public HealthMEDI6229
Communicable Disease ControlMEDI6068
Communicable Disease ControlMEDI6267
Epidemiology: Concepts, Analysis and ApplicationMEDI6073
Health Services Organisation and EvaluationMEDI6075
Development and Implementation of Public Health Policies and StrategiesMEDI6069
Advanced EpidemiologyMEDI6262
Workplace Based Assessment (Final)MEDI5019
Data Interpretation & Summarisation Assessment (Final)MEDI5017
Health Economics and Evaluation for Public HealthMEDI6259
Advanced Statistical Methods in EpidemiologyMEDI6263
Introduction to Statistics and SPSSMEDI6228
Clinical Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA) (Final)MEDI5016
Foundational Statistical MethodsMEDI6268
Advanced Statistical Methods in EpidemiologyMEDI6066
Allergic Skin DiseaseMEDI6241
Allergic Airways DiseasesMEDI6077
Counselling skills in genomics for health care professionalsMEDI6236
Principles of Genetics & GenomicsMEDI6240
Stratified MedicineMEDI6234
Drug AllergyMEDI6242
Communicable Disease Control with GenomicsMEDI6245
Foundations of Qualitative Research for HealthMEDI6266
Applied Knowledge Assessment (Final)MEDI5015
Basic EpidemiologyMEDI6261
Genomic InformaticsMEDI6235
Engaging and involving the public with your scienceMEDI6258
Human Biology & Systems PhysiologyMEDI6226
Psychosocial Aspects of DiabetesMEDI6109
Food AllergyMEDI6080
Enabling Change for Health ImprovementMEDI6072
Genomic Technologies and Basic InformaticsMEDI6237
Genomics in PracticeMEDI6239
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