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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Careers & Employability

Whatever career path you decide to follow, you will be able to move on with a wealth of skills and a real competitive edge. Where you choose to study is of key significance for your future career options.

A careers fair at the University of Southampton
Postgraduate careers

Whether you want to pursue an academic career or follow a path in business or other sectors, undertaking postgraduate education that develops your personal and professional skills will give you the edge.

Postgraduate study at the University of Southampton will enable you to push the boundaries of knowledge in your chosen field and make a real contribution to your subject. 

Whatever your situation, the Career and Employability Service offers a wide range of services and support for postgraduate students. Visit the Careers and Employability Service website for more details.

A competitive edge

The strength and prestige of our degrees are recognised by a wide spectrum of employers who view our graduates as well-qualified scientists who possess excellent personal and transferable skills profiles such as numeracy, communication and teamworking. Furthermore, our graduates are seen as having a greater degree of independence and self-reliance than any comparable graduates.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the scientists that we produce and given our national standing, it is our experience that all our well qualified postgraduates are able to progress into a career of direct relevance to their training, should they wish.

Students from the National Oceanography Centre Southampton enter a broad range of careers, ranging from industrial, commercial and governmental positions, to academic and research posts.


Image courtesy of Dr Ian Harding
Fieldwork in Svalbard, Norway

Nice to know

Our specialised courses and high profile in the UK and global scientific communities, mean that many postdoc and commercial vacancies are notified directly to us.

These are circulated to postgrads and staff by email. Many of these vacancies will not otherwise be widely advertised.

Where are they now, meet our alumni.

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