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The University of Southampton
Quality Handbook

Education Partnerships Subcommittee


The Education Partnerships Subcommittee (EPSC) is a subcommittee of the Education & Student Experience Committee set up to advise on the quality management and quality enhancement of the University’s education programmes delivered through UK and overseas partnerships. (Proposed and approved partnerships, including collaborative provision, International Branch Campus, Pathway Provider, Online Programme Manager (OPM), other progression/enhanced progression, validation/franchise partnerships (TNE), with students studying elsewhere.


Responsibilities and activity

Reporting arrangements


It is proposed that the membership should be reviewed annually to ensure the composition of the group reflects those Schools and Faculties which are engaging in a significant amount of educational partnership provision.

In attendance:

Director of Legal Services or nominee

If a member is unable to attend, they should send a substitute.

Quorum and frequency


The Education Partnerships Subcommittee will be quorate with one third of the membership plus one in attendance.

Frequency of meetings

The Education Partnerships Subcommittee will meet at least three times per year.


Secretariat support will be provided by Quality, Standards and Accreditation Team.

Terms of Reference review

Date of last review:....... June 2023

Date of next review:...... September 2024

Governance reporting line

The Education Partnerships Subcommittee reports to the Education and Student Experience Committee .

Document owner

Education and Student Experience Committee .

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