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Professional Statutory Regulatory Body accreditation


Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB's) are external bodies which accredit, recognise or approve programmes many of which lead to a professional or vocational qualification or exemption from a professional examination.  The University encourages Schools to seek and maintain appropriate PSRB accreditation or similar recognition for its programmes of study.

A PSRB ‘accredited’, ‘recognised’ or ‘approved’ programme may convey or be a step toward obtaining a licence to practise in a particular regulated profession; and/or it may confer full or partial exemption from professional qualifications.

PSRB accreditation usually entails an inspection of provision, either through a visit involving the Programme Team and PSRB representatives or through scrutiny of programme documentation.

Accreditation is often given for a specific time period (accreditation period), after which there has to be further inspection to retain the accreditation/recognition/approval.

Programme Approval and Review

Since accreditation/recognition/approval often requires a Programme Team to submit programme documentation for scrutiny, Schools may consider it appropriate to tie the accreditation/recognition/approval process is in with the Programme Approval and Review process thereby preventing unnecessary duplication of effort.

Responsibility for the preparation of documentation required for programme accreditation/recognition/approval by PSRB's and for making arrangements for visits, (where applicable) rests with the relevant Programme Team. Advice and information should be sought from the Faculty Curriculum and Quality Assurance (CQA) Team and QSAT as appropriate.

Reporting and Monitoring

Each accreditation, agreement or approval must have a nominated academic lead, appointed by SPC and known as the Responsible Individual.

Schools report on compliance with PSRB requirements via the Annual School Report as part of the Annual Monitoring Process.

Responsible Individual

The Responsible Individual will:

School Programmes Committee

School Programmes Committees will:

Reporting to SPC

When making a report to SPC, the Responsible Individual should submit the following information to the Secretary of SPC:

This will be recorded in the minutes or attached to the minutes by the Secretary.


AQSS will:


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