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The University of Southampton

Habitats beneficial to both people and wildlife

The University estate covers over 45 hectares within the urban surroundings of Southampton. That’s the same as about 63 football pitches.

We actively maintain, enhance and create habitats on our campuses for the benefit of people and wildlife. Specific areas within our estate have been set aside to encourage biodiversity and enhance student and staff wellbeing.

Our commitment and goals are written into the University's Biodiversity Policy.


Each year the University hosts BioBlitz events, where students and staff work together against the clock to find and record as many species of animals and plants as possible. This helps us understand the biodiversity found on our campuses.

Valley Gardens

Valley Gardens is a tranquil and biodiverse landscape on Highfield Campus. The gardens were originally planted in the 1960s with specimen plants by the Department of Biology. Over subsequent decades, the gardens developed and underwent a number of changes.

In 2012, a four year restoration project was completed, creating a more accessible and diverse landscape. Key to the restoration were donations and support from staff and members of the public, who funded several features in the garden, including bridges and memorial benches.

Zebraversity in Valley Gardens
Zebraversity in Valley Gardens
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