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The University of Southampton

Food and drinks

Across our campuses, we continually make changes to improve the sustainability of our catering outlets and to reduce single use plastics.

Here are a few things that we're doing to reduce our enviornmental impact:

- We’ve introduced alternatives to plastic packaging, cutlery and stirrers, and we reward those who bring their own reusable cups into our cafes.

- You’ll find an increasing number of vegan and vegetarian options in our food outlets, and our chefs are looking at reducing their use of beef and using more locally sourced ingredients.

- The National Oceanography Centre cafe and the Arlott Bar on Highfield Campus are now palm oil free.

- The team at the National Oceanography Centre have also experimented with creating meals that are plastic-free from source to plate. Many of our takeaway sandwiches, rolls and wraps are now in plastic-free packaging too.

- We've reduced our food waste by cooking most of our food to order too!

What you can do

- If you're planning to take your hot drink away, please bring your own reusable coffee cup into our cafes. These are available to buy across our campuses, and if you buy with the UPay app, we’ll give you an extra stamp each time as a thank you.

- If you’re buying food to take away, considering bringing your own container.

- Consider the carbon impact of the food you're eating. Why not visit our vegan and vegetarian restaurant The Plant Pot to have a meal that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

- And, of course, use your own water bottle. There are a growing number of water fountains on our campuses so that you can fill up throughout the day.

Find out more about food and drink options on the Catering website. Find out more about how we're integrating sustainability into our catering here.

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