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The University of Southampton
Structural Biology Part of Biological Sciences

Associated members

Structural biology explains the discoveries made in how biological systems work in health or fail in disease. It can steer the development of better medicines with fewer side effects and so attracts projects from medicine, chemistry, oceanography and beyond.

Key collaborators with the structural biology teams include:

Marina Carravetta (Chemistry)

Simon Coles (Chemistry)

Mark Cragg (Medicine)

Maurits de Planque (Nano Research, Electronics and Computer Science)

Tim Elliot (Medicine)

Martin Glennie (Medicine)

Ilya Kuprov (Chemistry)

Malcolm Levitt (Chemistry)

Chris McCormick (Medicine)

Ali Tavassolli (Chemistry)

Marcel Utz (Chemistry)

Joerg Wiedenmann (Oceanography)

Salah Mansour (Medicine)

Peter Roach (Chemistry)

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