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Book Chapters

  • Rich, T. H., Trusler, P., Kool, L., Pickering, D., Evans, A., Siu, K., Maksimenko, A., Kundrat, M., Gostling, N. J., Morton, S., & Vickers-Rich, P. (2020). A Third, Remarkably Small, Tribosphenic Mammal from the Mesozoic of Australia. In E. Delson, & E. J. Sargis (Eds.), Biological Consequences of Plate Tectonics: New Perspectives on Post-Gondwana Break-up–A Tribute to Ashok Sahni (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology) (1 ed., pp. 67-77). Springer Nature.
  • Jorda-Capdevila, D., Brummer, M., Bruno, D., Alexandre, R., Castanho, A. J. C., Fortuño, P., Jakubínský, J., Kaletová, T., Kelemen, E., Koundouri, P., Logar, I., Loures, L., Mendez, J., Mendoza-Lera, C., Quintas-Soriano, C., Rodríguez-Lozano, P., von Schiller, D., Stubbington, R., Sykes, T., ... Tsani, S. (2020). Ecosystem services and social perception. In C. Magand, M. H. Alves, E. Calleja, T. Datry, G. Dörflinger, J. England, F. Gallart, R. Gómez, D. Jorda-Capdevila, E. Marti, A. Munne, V. A. Pastor, R. Stubbington, I. Tziortzis, & D. Von Schiller (Eds.), Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams: What Water Managers Need to Know (Version 1 ed., pp. 85-105). (Technical report – Cost ACTION; No. CA 15113). Zenodo.






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