The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research groups

Research activities in Biological Sciences are carried out in three principal thematic groups. Together these address the fundamental challenges of human health and environmental change.

Biomedical Sciences

This theme brings together a strategic commitment to Neurosciences and Developmental Biology which, as part of University-wide interdisciplinary initiatives, is addressing fundamental issues relevant to national and global priorities of health and well-being. The theme underpins research in the area of basic neuroscience and developmental biology through to neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases within the ageing process and poor health derived from in utero environmental conditions.

Environmental Biosciences

We apply our expertise to solving environmental issues that are concerns for our society, addressing questions about the creation, persistence and management of biodiversity as well as how ecological and environmental processes interact with each other.

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

Our research seeks to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin basic biological processes including those concerned with human disease, nutrition and environmental problems. We study the structures, functions and regulation of biological macromolecules including proteins, RNA and DNA.

Members of staff may work across one or more research themes. They may also belong to more specialist research interest groups within Biological Sciences, across the University or as part of multi-disciplinary University Strategic Research Groups (USRGs).

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