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Biological Sciences


List of all research projects in Biological Sciences
ProjectResearch Group
A Description of new baryonychine (Theropoda: Spinosauridae) material and assessment of trigeminal (palaeo) neuroanatomy in extinct and extant archosaursEcology and Evolution
Acoustic environmental monitoring: a low-cost efficient tool for evaluating human exploitation of tropical forests Ecology and Evolution
Are GTGs a new class of plant anion channels regulating pH in the endomembrane system?Environmental Biosciences
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functions and Policy Across a Tropical Forest Modification GradientEcology and Evolution
Calcium ATPases - role in calcium homeostasis and signallingMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Causes and consequences of microglial priming in the ageing brainBiomedical Sciences
Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying ApoE4-mediated neuronal vulnerabilityMolecular and Cellular Biosciences,
Characterisation of cue-dependent behaviour in plant parasitic nematodes: the neurobiology of host plant invasionBiomedical Sciences
Chronophysiology of Spotted Wing DrosophilaEnvironmental Biosciences,
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Combating Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm tolerance and antibiotic resistance in cystic fibrosisBiomedical Sciences
Comparative placentology using nanoscale and three-dimensional imaging Ecology and Evolution
Defining the role of zeb1-dependent epithelial-mesenchymal crosstalk in lung fibrosisBiomedical Sciences
Developing a framework for Transboundary ConservationEcology and Evolution
Differentiation therapy and cancerMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Discover novel ways used by phages to strike back against bacterial defencesMicrobiology
Dispersal of Biofilm in Cystic Fibrosis using Low Dose Nitric OxideMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Dissecting pathways involved in Manganese homeostasis and stress in higher plant cellsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
DNA quadruplexes and their interaction with ligandsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
DNA sequence recognition by small moleculesMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
DNA sequence recognition by triple helix formationMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Do oriented divisions dictate fate decisions in mammary stem cells?Developmental Biology
Drought tolerance and nutrition in underutilised legume cropsEcology and Evolution
Effect of folic acid supplementation during the life course on cancer susceptibilityMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Elucidating the mode of action of a novel nematicide on plant parasitic nematodesBiomedical Sciences
Enhancing ecosystem functioning to improve resilience of subsistence farming in Papua New GuineaEcology and Evolution
Enhancing Integrin-mediated Nervous System RegenerationBiomedical Sciences
Enhancing Spinal Cord Regeneration through Combinatorial Therapies: Use of Integrin-Mediated Repair Together with Chondroitinase TreatmentNeuroscience
Epigenetic mechanisms and the developmental origins of health and diseaseMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Epigenetic mechanisms in metabolic bone disease: from pathology to biomarkerMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
EpiHealthNet: Environment during periconceptional development, due to diabetes, obesity or assisted reproductive technologies, and altered health during ageingBiomedical Sciences
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) induced by RAS activation in alveolar Type II cells leads to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) or lung cancer invasion?Biomedical Sciences
Exploiting C. elegans to provide insight into neural substrates of human alcohol dependenceBiomedical Sciences
Exploration of pan-immunity in prokaryotesMicrobiology
Functional analysis of Sodium/glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1), a potential therapeutic target for PTEN-inactive breast cancerBiomedical Sciences
Generation of a screening platform for the Cys-loop superfamily of ligand gated ion channelsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Genomics of Adaption to Climate Change in RiceEcology and Evolution,
Plants and Food Security
How does autophagy regulate the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)?Biomedical Sciences
Identification of perinatal epigenetic markers of later phenotypeMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Immunity, neurodegeneration and ageingBiomedical Sciences,
Environmental Biosciences
Improving immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s diseases by modulating FcR interaction: an antibody engineering approach.Biomedical Sciences
Investigating mitochondrial-derived vesicles and their relationship to Parkinson's disease pathologyMolecular and Cellular Biosciences,
Investigating novel mechanisms bridging cell polarity, spindle orientation and chromosome dynamics in mitotic mammary epithelial cellsDevelopmental Biology,
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Investigating tau propagation across neuronal networksMolecular and Cellular Biosciences,
Investigating the Impact of Nervous System Maturation on Transmembrane Receptor Localisation and Transport in CNS AxonsBiomedical Sciences
Investigating the mechanisms of mitophagyBiomedical Sciences
Investigating the role of the hindlimb in the evolution of avian flightEcology and Evolution
Investigating Zn homeostasis in the crop plant barley using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editingPlants and Food Security
Investigation into why oocytes fail to mature into eggsBiomedical Sciences
Light regulation of chloroplast development and tetrapyrrole synthesisMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Manganese homeostasis in higher plantsEnvironmental Biosciences
Mathematical/computational modelling of breast stem cell lineage data: exploring the dynamic contribution of asymmetric cell divisions to the identity of mammary stem cell progenyDevelopmental Biology,
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Measuring and optimising multiple ecosystem services provided by chalk streamsEnvironmental Biosciences
Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair in mature oocytesBiomedical Sciences
Mechanistic insight into the regulatory role of the key kinetochore protein Spc105/KNL1 in chromosome segregationMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
mGluRs model for genes to behaviourBiomedical Sciences
Mitotic role of protein phosphatasesMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Modelling decision making in C. elegans to understand neural mechanisms of major psychiatric disordersBiomedical Sciences
Modifying nucleic acid nanostructures by triplex formationMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Molecular mechanisms underlying the communication between the peripheral immune system and the brainBiomedical Sciences
Neuronal information processing and network modellingBiomedical Sciences
New regulators of cell divisionMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Nutrient stress in plants in relation to biofortification and phytoremediationEnvironmental Biosciences
Parallel domestication as a model to understand the repeatability of phenotypic evolutionEcology and Evolution
Physiological function of the GTG/GPHRs, a highly conserved family of eukaryotic membrane proteinsEnvironmental Biosciences
Physiological role of sucrose and amino acid permeases in higher plantsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Plant-Microbe interactions in a changing climateEcology and Evolution
Promoting resilience of subsistence farming to El Niño events in Papua New Guinea: an integrated socio-ecological approachEcology and Evolution
Regulation of microglial proliferation during chronic neurodegenerationBiomedical Sciences
Role of antibody-mediated immune responses in the CNSBiomedical Sciences
Role of autophagy in oncogenic RAS-induced invasive behaviourBiomedical Sciences
Stress-induced transcriptional responses and their role in neurodegenerationMolecular and Cellular Biosciences,
Structural basis of the elongation factor 2 kinase (EF2K) activation by Calcium/CalmodulinMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Structure and Function of Membrane ProteinsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Structure, function and regulation of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase (eEF2K)Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Targeted, small molecule Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dispersal agents for the treatment of infections in CF patientsMicrobiology
The contribution of plasticity to adaptive divergence: domestication as a modelEcology and Evolution
The effects of climate change on the distribution, biodiversity and ecosystem services of tropical montane forestsEcology and Evolution
The genetics and developmental biology of cell division in mammary stem cellsBiomedical Sciences
The importance of rare species in tropical forestsEcology and Evolution
The regulatory mechanisms controlling zinc content in wheatEnvironmental Biosciences
The role of factor inhibiting HIF (FIH) in the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)Biomedical Sciences
Transcriptome-wide prediction of eukaryotic translation initiationMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Tropical montane forests: investigating the effects of fragmentation and environmental change on montane moths (Lepidoptera)Ecology and Evolution
Tropical Montane Forests: The Ecology and Conservation of Cryptic Anurans Ecology and Evolution
Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of asymmetric cell divisions in the adult mammary epitheliumDevelopmental Biology,
Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Understanding the role of early-life inflammation on the incidence of Alzheimer’s diseaseBiomedical Sciences
Understanding the role of lipid-protein interactions in the intracellular localisation of proteins and its role in muscular dystrophy. Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Understanding the role of serum amyloid-P component in the stabilization of amyloid depositsMolecular and Cellular Biosciences
Using phages to give new life to old antibiotics against superbugs Microbiology
Wildlife corridors for large mammals in BelizeEcology and Evolution
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