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Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art

Below you will be able to find information specific to Winchester School of Art.


PGR Manager

PGR Manager is a browser-based software which tracks a postgraduate research student’s progress against Research Milestones as prescribed by the Regulations for Research Degrees and the Code of Practice, from registration to graduation. PGR Manager holds: student record data; documents uploaded by students; records of supervisory team meetings; progress reports; confirmation of PhD registration documents; manually updated training records; training records auto loaded from Gradbook; supervisory team information; key administrative forms; and some financial information.

It is compulsory for all staff and students to use PGR Manager. The only exceptions are:

  • Students registered in the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Students registered in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, excluding the Winchester School of Art (i.e., those in WSA must use Tracker)

Activity Reports / Supervision Records

Winchester School of Art

Below you will be able to find information specific to Winchester School of Art.


Annual Reports

For students who began their studies prior to 1 August 2016 ONLY

To monitor student progress, students together with their supervisory team, are required to complete an Annual Report Form. This is to be completed on an annual basis. Please see the table below for which month of candidature an annual report is due each year. Students who began their studies in late September and have not had periods of suspension are likely be due to complete an annual report each summer. Those who have had periods of suspension or began their studies at another time of year will be contacted directly by the Graduate School to confirm when they are nearing a month of candidature that requires an annual report to be completed.

Annual ReportMonth of Candidature Due
1st year10
2nd year22
3rd year34
4th year46
5th year (part time only)58
6th year (part time only)70
7th year (part time only)82

The form will look at:

  • written work submitted to the supervisor
  • seminars/performances/publication during the academic year
  • estimated date of completion
  • any difficulties encountered
  • any financial concerns
  • requirement for ethics checklist to be completed and ethics clearance to be obtained if applicable
  • All students in active registration [enrolled (EN) or in nominal registration (NR)] must complete the annual report form. Suspended students will be asked to complete the form at the appropriate time in their candidature upon return from suspension.


The process is as follows for students due to complete their annual reports during the summer. The Graduate School Office will send a group email to students detailing the timeline for this each year. Those with different timelines will be emailed separately with their deadlines for submission:

1. Student downloads Humanities PGR Annual Report Form and completes Section 1.
2. Student compiles Research Supervision Records for the year into one document. These should have been completed throughout the year after every supervision meeting.

3. [NOTE TO STUDENTS IN NOMINAL REGISTRATION: If the student has been in nominal registration since their last annual report was completed, they do not need to submit any Research supervision records. If the student has received supervision for part of the year before transferring to nominal registration, they must submit Research supervision records covering the supervised period.]

4. Student returns the Annual Report Form and Research Supervision Records documents by email to the Graduate School Office (

5. Graduate School Office pass Annual Report Form to main (and coordinating where applicable) supervisor. 

6. Main Supervisor (with coordinating supervisor where applicable) completes Section 2.
7. Main Supervisor returns Annual Report Form to Graduate School Office ( The supervisor may want to copy in other members of the supervisory team for information but they do NOT need to comment. 
8. Graduate School Office pass Annual Report Form to Discipline Doctoral Programme Director (DPD). 
9. Discipline DPD completes Section 3.
10. Discipline DPD returns Annual Report Form to Graduate School Office (
11. The Director of the Graduate School will then review any reports where issues have been raised and take appropriate action as required by the Code of Practice and the procedures for withdrawal or termination.
12. The completed annual report form will be emailed to the student with their main/coordinating supervisor copied in. The student and supervisor can then review any comments and follow up on any actions requested by either the supervisor or DPD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What period of time do my annual report and supervision records cover?

A. Your last annual report should have covered the period until June/July/August. Therefore, this annual report should cover from that month until end of June.

Q. I'm on nominal registration, do I have to complete an annual report? What about supervision records?

A. Yes. ALL students who have not submitted their thesis for viva by the annual report submission deadline are required to complete an annual report. You will only need to provide supervision records for any period of time since your last annual report during which you were receiving supervision prior to transferring to nominal registration. If you have been on nominal registration since June/July/August of the previous year you will not need to provide any supervision records.

Q. I have already submitted my thesis. Do I still need to do an annual report?

A. If you have submitted your thesis by the annual report submission deadline you do NOT need to complete an annual report. If you will be submitting after this date you DO need to complete an annual report.

Q. Can I submit my annual report by hand?

A. No. Please submit an electronic copy by email to

Supervisors must ensure that their section of the annual report is comprehensive in order to flag up any concerns to the DPD/Graduate School Office and to enable the student to review their progress at the end of the process when they read the report.


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