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Faculty Training

The Postgraduate Research Training Programme in the Faculty of Humanities offers opportunities for PhD students to develop themselves both as researchers and as professionals. We offer training to improve your academic and professional skills, enhance your employability and raise your awareness about the research environment.

On this page you will be able to find information on Academic Needs Analysis, and the current compulsory and recommended training opportunities for PGR students within FAH.


Academic Needs Analysis

A student in collaboration with their supervisor is required to complete the Academic Needs Analysis Form within 3 months of commencing their studies (within 3 months of commencing the research phase for iPhD students). This is in order to assess their current skills and, identify those skills which need to be improved upon. The student should retain a copy of the completed form for the purposes of completing the Annual Report (for those who began their studies prior to 1 August 2016) or Progression Milestone (for those who began their studies after 1 August 2016).

Supervisor Information

The supervisor must ensure their students understand how to complete the Academic Needs Analysis form and discuss the student's training needs with them before they complete the form. Once the student has completed the form they will pass it to the supervisor to review and sign off. The supervisor must then submit the form to the Graduate School Office. The Director of Graduate Studies will then approve the form.


Core Training

All Faculties at Southampton must provide students with access to a core set of training which is outlined in Your Doctorate in the Handbook. The core training will be delivered by Faculties in a variety of ways, as outlined below.

Mandated University-level training

In addition, all new doctoral researchers must complete the following mandated training. Failure to complete successfully the mandated training below is a failure to meet the progression requirements and so will result in a failure to progress.

Postgraduate researchers commencing their studies in 2019/20 must complete the following by the time they undertake their Academic Needs Analysis:

In 2019/20, the following new course is being run from the Library. It will be available from January 2020 and should be completed by all doctoral researchers who commence their studies in 2019/20 and by the time of their first formal progression review.

Faculty Specific Training

Humanities Postgraduate Research Training Programme webpage has detailed information on what is offered within the Faculty.

Please also consult the PGR Training Booklet.

All courses will be bookable via Gradbook with further online resources for training and skills development available through the Blackboard course PGR-RS Research Skills for Postgraduate Researchers.

The University regulations pertaining to research and transferable skills training can be found in paragraphs 27 - 32 in the Code of Practice.

All enquiries should be sent to


In addition to the training programme run by the PGR Training team in the Faculty of Humanities, GradNet also run some student-led seminars. Please refer to the GradNet website for more information on these. The departments within the Faculty also hold seminars throughout the year. Students will be told about suitable ones to attend either by their supervisor or the department may send out open invitations to events by email.


Demonstrator Training

As a doctoral researcher you may be involved in teaching activities either by request from your academic unit or Faculty, or because you are choosing to develop your skills and experience. Further information can be found about this in the University's policy on research students who undertake teaching activities.

Any doctoral researcher involved with undergraduate teaching MUST complete the Orientation to Teaching and Demonstrating Steps 1 and 2 of a discipline-based equivalent. Details and booking instructions can be found here.

OTD comprises three elements:

Step 1: completion of an on-line course (covering both seminar-leader and demonstrator roles). You must work through this course before moving to Step 2, and bring the required notes with you to Step 2. See full details of this Step here. You should access the on-line course from this webpage.

Step 2: attendance at a face-face-session ‘OTD: Seminar Leader’ or ‘OTD: Demonstrator’. Please book one of these sessions, as appropriate, from the options available on GradbookSee full details of this Step here.

Step 3: attendance at a follow-up session (discipline-based) once you have some practical teaching/demonstrating experience (information and dates will follow in Semester 2).

Important notes:

  • you will not be paid for any teaching/demonstrating unless you have completed Steps 1 and 2.
  • if you are a continuing researcher and you attended the old ITSPG1 course or a local equivalent, you do not need to attend OTD this year – please do not book a place if this is the case.

If you have any questions or are unsure about this training, please contact the Graduate School Office or the Doctoral College.



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