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Southampton Education School Undergraduate study


Volunteers gain access to a wide range of new opportunities and challenges, and the chance to do something that makes a difference to others.  Exposure to people from very different socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds will develop your confidence, leadership, problem-solving and team working skills.

Students' Union (SUSU)
Students' Union (SUSU)

As part of your formal study

You might like to spend part of your time with us studying within a local school setting through our University Ambassador Scheme. This is evaluated and credited to your degree in the same way as campus-based study.

As part of your spare time

Southampton is a busy city, home to a wide mix of people. There is a huge range of opportunities through the University, the Students' Union or outside agencies. You will be offered training to prepare you for your volunteering role.

International volunteering

International volunteering opportunities have the potential to benefit you as an individual, the organisation with which you are engaged and society at large. Increasingly, students who have greater global awareness and understanding are sought after by employers for the skills they have developed.

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