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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

What our students think

Photo of Thomas Coleman

I chose Southampton because I knew that it was one of the top universities in the country and one of the very best in the country for Education

Thomas Coleman - BSc Education
Photo of Josette Crispin

My course has expanded my horizons in so many ways whether related to my course or not. The lecturers are all so passionate about teaching their fields in education and are always there for pastoral support too.

Josette Crispin - BSc Education
Photo of Holly Curl

Southampton is one of the few universities to offer an accredited psychology degree and education as a joint honours. This combination of subjects worked perfectly for me.

Holly Curl - BSc Education and Psychology
Photo of Chloe Eddy

Studying at the University of Southampton has given me the opportunity to learn about what I love while developing my confidence in all that I do. I value the academic skills I’ve gained and hope to apply them to further studies after my degree, something I would have never thought would interest me before starting here!

Chloe Eddy - BSc Education
Photo of Imogen Fry

I have a fantastic tutor who has supported me throughout my degree. I had the opportunity to take part in a variety of research projects and I’m now a named author on a published research paper!

Imogen Fry - BSc Education and Psychology
Photo of Charlotte Gauld

A major strength is that all the lecturers are at the top of their field of research - it's a really contemporary course and we're learning about things which our lecturers have researched themselves.

Charlotte Gauld - BSc Education
Photo of Emma Harris

I am proud of the growth that I have seen in myself both academically and personally during my course.

Emma Harris - PGCE Secondary History
Photo of Chloe Humby

What I am most proud of so far is that I feel I have come out of university so much more confident in myself, my knowledge and my abilities.

Chloe Humby - BSc Education and Psychology
Photo of Katie Lampshire

The lecturers are not only passionate but at the top of their field. My undergraduate degree has enabled me to focus my career aspirations into primary education. I can confidently say that I am leaving with a high level of independence, both academically and socially.

Katie Lampshire - BSc Education
Photo of Ellie Lee

My time at the University of Southampton has taught me that am I capable of great achievements when I push myself out of my comfort zone.

Ellie Lee - Primary PGCE
Photo of Sarah Marshall

Following on from my dissertation research into Sex and Relationships Education, I have landed a job as the manager of a charitable SRE project.

Sarah Marshall - BSc Education
Photo of Jessica Paternoster

I initially applied to the University of Southampton due to it being a member of the prestigious Russell Group universities. Adding to its appeal was how green the city of Southampton is, as well as this being very student centered.

Jessica Paternoster - BSc (Hons) Education with a minor in Anthropology
Photo of Amy Peters

I didn't start my undergraduate degree thinking that I would go on to do a PhD. The variety of modules I had the opportunity to complete during my degree inspired me to work towards a career in research or academia.

Amy Peters - BSc Education and Psychology
Photo of Emily Sherry

I'm staying on at the University of Southampton to complete my primary PCGE here so I'll be a primary school teacher in a year's time!

Emily Sherry - BSc (Hons) Education
Photo of Abigail Townsend

My next Volunteer Research Assistant placement is working with the Autism Diagnostic Research Centre. My main area of interest is autism so this was a perfect placement for me.

Abigail Townsend - BSc Education and Psychology
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