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The University of Southampton

Dr Guiqing Lily Yao MSc, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor in Health Economics

Dr Guiqing Lily Yao's photo

Dr Guiqing Lily Yao is a Visiting Associate Professor in Health Economics within Medicine at the University of Southampton.

Lily is currently employed as Professor in Health Economics in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Leicester.

Lily has a rich experience of economic evaluations and decisional analytic models, particularly related to health technology assessment and economic evaluation, alongside large clinical trials. She has successfully led on economic components of several large scale studies including studies funded by the NIHR as well as those commissioned by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence). Her current research interests have covered economic evaluations of service delivery and using routine data to inform decision making.

Lily joined the University of Southampton in March 2013. In this time she set up a new research team – the Health Economics Analyses Team (HEAT) team, which provides health economics support within the Medical School, and also across the campus.

Lily obtained her first degree in mathematics, at Sun Yat-sen University, China, her Master’s Degree in economics of public policy at Hull University, and her PhD in health economics at the University of Birmingham. She also completed a one year visiting scholarship in agricultural economics at the University of Manchester. She has been awarded several scholarships in the past including the highly prestigious Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme.

Research interests

Lily’s research interests are in economic evaluation alongside large clinical trials and decisional analytic modelling. Her current interests are in using routine data to investigate epidemiological costs in chronic disease.

Research projects

1. Antibiotics for lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children presenting in Primary Care (ARTIC PC). Funded by NIHR HTA. Principle investigator: Prof. Paul Little. Lily is co-applicant and leads health economics of the study. Expecting to Start from April 2015 for 5 years.

2. Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC): a feasibility study. Funded by HS&DR. Principle investigator: Dr Jackie Bridges, Faculty of Health Sciences. Lily co-applicant and leads on health economics. Starting from 1 Dec 2014 for two years.

3. Feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in the assessment and follow-up monitoring of patients with depression in primary care. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB). Principle investigator: Prof Tony Kendrick, University of Southampton. Lily Co-applicant. Starting from 1 Sep 2014 for 2 years.

4. PROACTIVE, prostate cancer. Principle investigator: Prof George Lewith. Lily co-applicant. Funded by NIHR School of Primary Care Research. Expecting to start at 01/04/2015 for 18 months.

5. Randomised Controlled Trial to Assess the Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in Parkinson's Disease (PD REHAB). Principle investigator: Prof Carl Clarke. Lily Yao led and supervised a Research Fellow on the Health Economic section. The project is funded by NIHR HTA. Duration Jan 2009 – 2013. Completed and report submitted to HTA.

6. Randomised Study of Autoinflation in 4-11 Years Old School Children with Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) In Primary Care :AIRS; Principle investigator: Dr Ian Williams. Lily leads the health economics components. Funded by HTA. Completed at 01/10/2014. Monograph in press and paper submitted to a Journal.

7. A Primary Care Trial of a Website Based Infection Control Intervention to Modify Influenza- like Illness and Respiratory Infection Transmission (PRIMIT). Principle investigator: Prof. Paul Little, Lily leads on health economics. Funded by NIHR program grant. Drawing to completion. Main paper accepted by Lancet. Lily working on health economics paper and expect to complete 28 March 2015.

8. Probiotics for Preventing Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea Including Clostridium Difficult Infection. Led Professor Chakravarthi Rajkumar. Lily co-leads on health economics. Funded by DANONE. Drawing to completion draft report submitted.

9. Integrating Digital Interventions into Patient Self-Management Support (DIPSS). Principle investigator: Prof. Lucy Yardley. Lily co-led on health economics. Funded by NIHR program grant (PGfAR). Started from01/04/2013 to 01/05/2018.

10. The BREATHE study: Breathing Retraining for Asthma - Trial of Home Exercises: protocol summary of a randomised controlled trial. Principle investigator: Prof Mike Thomas. Lily co-leads on health economics. Funded by HTA from 01/03/2012 to 01/04/2016.

11. REM-HF: Remote Management of Heart Failure Using Implanted Devices and Formalised Follow-Up Procedures. Principle investigator: Prof. John Morgan. Lily co-lead on health economics. Funded by The British Heart Foundation & Medtronic from 01/04/2010 to 01/04/2016.

12. Comparison of Preschool Parenting Interventions - a multicentre randomised controlled trial comparing the efficacy of a specialist and a generic parenting programme for the treatment of preschool ADHD, Principle investigator: Prof. Sonuga-Barke E.J. Funded by NIHR program grant. Lily co-leads on health economics components.

13. The management of acute and recurrent infections (PRIME) including PIPS: steam, paracetamol and ibuprofen for acute respiratory infections; SNIFS: nasal irrigation and steam for recurrent sinusitis; TASTE: probiotics and xylitol for recurrent sore throat; 3C’s study (Cough Complication Cohort): a large prospective cohort similar to DESCARTE but for LRTI and Internet Dr trial (following the development referred to above). Principle investigator: Prof. Paul Little, Lily leads on health economic components of the program. Funded by NIHR Programme grant.

14. Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR) . Principle investigator: Prof. Paul Little, Lily leads on health economic components of the program. Funded by NIHR Programme grant. Duration: June 2010 – February 2013.

Research group

Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education

Research project(s)


We are looking to investigate the usefulness of antibiotics in this age group, it follows a European wide trial that was very similar for adults. Children will be provided antibiotic or placebo and keep a symptom diary for up to 28 days. They can opt to provide a throat swab, a blood sample and have a chest x-ray.

The Hampshire Acute Kidney Injury Study

REDUCE (REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice)


The DIPSS (Integrating Digital Interventions into Patient Self-Management Support) project has received funding of £2 million from the NIHR to examine patient digital self-management with healthcare professional support in primary care. Our aim is to develop digital behaviour change interventions for asthma and hypertension self-management, which will be examined in feasibility studies and full RCT (hypertension only). Issues surrounding the feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of digital intervention delivery will be explored with patients and healthcare professionals for each condition.

Dr Guiqing Lily Yao

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