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University of Southampton Malaysia

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We offer undergraduate programmes in the disciplines of Business, Computer Science and Engineering.

CourseDurationMQA Number
BSc Accounting and Finance 3 years JPT (N/340/6/0799)
03/25 MQA/PA13403
BSc Business Analytics 3 years JPT (N/345/6/1138)
01/26 MQA/PA 14197
BSc Business Entrepreneurship 3 years JPT (N/345/6/1139)
01/26 MQA/PA 14196
BSc Business Management 3 years JPT (N/340/6/0798)
03/25 MQA/PA13402
BSc Computer Science 3 years JPT (N/481/6/0824)
03/25 MQA/PA13401
BSc Economics 3 years JPT (N/314/6/0062)
01/27 MQA/PA15225
BSc Economics and Actuarial Science 3 years JPT (N/314/6/0060)
01/26 MQA/PA14229
BSc Economics and Finance 3 years JPT (N/314/6/0061)
01/27 MQA/PA15224
BSc Finance and Financial Technology 3 years JPT (N/343/6/0271)
01/27 MQA/PA15223
BSc Marketing 3 years JPT (N/342/6/0220)
01/26 MQA/PA 14196
MEng Mechanical Engineering 4 years JPT (R2/521/6/0023)
01/29 MQA/FA0811
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4 years JPT (R/523/6/0119)
05/23 MQA/FA3103
MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics 4 years JPT (R/525/6/0065)
09/26 MQA/FA4644

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