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Welcome to the Southampton Education School Research Seminar Series!

Our research seminar series offers an avenue for dissemination, discussion and deliberation of and about education from the perspectives of inclusion, leadership, effectiveness & policy, and mathematics, health and science streams, thus, bringing together the focuses of our Research Centres: CRI , LEEP , and MaSE . As part of this series, we invite speakers from within our School and externally to share their research emerging from local, national and international research projects in all phases of education.

Please sign up for our upcoming seminars , showcasing our own cutting-edge and world-leading research, alongside high-profile guest speakers offering insights into new territories of educational research.

2023-24 Summer Term Programme
2023-24 Summer Term Programme

Many of our seminars are video-recorded so if you happened to have missed an event or are interested in checking out our past events more generally, please click on 'Browse Archive' and explore our depository!

For any other information, please contact the FOS office at: .

Browse Archive

There are no forthcoming seminars currently listed. Please see the archive for past seminars.

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