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Inviting visitors to the UK

You may want to invite family or friends to visit you in the UK whilst you are studying at the University of Southampton. The University cannot invite family members or friends but we can provide you with evidence that you are a student here.

The VISAS team can advise students about their visitors' visas.
The VISAS team can advise students about their visitors' visas.

What information can I provide to help my family members obtain a visit visa?

If your family members are applying as visitors it is helpful if you can provide a letter of invitation. Remember to include details of your immigration status (for example, Tier 4 General student at the University of Southampton) and include a photocopy of the front page of your passport and your current visa. If the visit is for a special reason (for example graduation) it is a good idea to explain this, as well as if you will be providing accommodation for the family member during their visit. Please find a template for a letter of invitation in the Useful Downloads section at the bottom of this page. Note that this is only a template and you must adjust the template to your information and details. 

Does my family member need to show a set amount of money for their living expenses during the visit?

No. This is because the amount of time a family member will spend in the UK can vary from a few days to six months, and the money that they need to have available to them depends on their expenses whilst they are here.

Should I provide my own bank statements in support of my family member's application?

No. The Entry Clearance Officer will be looking at the family member's own finances. You should normally only provide your own bank statements if you are responsible for paying for all or part of their visit.

Is there anything else my family should provide?

As a rule, it is a good idea for your visitors to provide as much information as possible about what they intend to do while they are in the UK, as well as information about their travel and accommodation plans. However, UKVI recommend that they do not book any flights or accommodation until after their visa has been granted. For a full list of the requirements, please visit

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Check if Your Visitor Needs a Visa (UKVI)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Visa Drop-in and Appointments

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