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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Professor Jessica L. Teeling PhD

Professor of Experimental Neuroimmunology, Principal Investigator Neuroimmunology

Professor Jessica L. Teeling's photo

Jessica L. Teeling is a Professor in Experimental Neuroimmunology within Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Career History

2016-present: Professor in Experimental Neuroimmunology. University of Southampton, UK.
2014-2016 Associate Professor in Immunology. University of Southampton, UK.
2008-2014: Lecturer. University of Southampton, UK.
2004-2008: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. CNS inflammation group, Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK.
2004-2008: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Cancer Sciences, Medicine, University Southampton, UK. 
2001-2004: Research Scientist. Genmab, The Netherlands.

Academic Qualifications

2001: PhD degree. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1996: Doctoral degree. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the immune regulatory pathways in the healthy, diseased and ageing central nervous system (CNS). We study the effect of antibody mediated inflammation in the CNS, and how these responses may contribute to the pathogenesis of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, age related macular degeneration and systemic lupus erythematosis. We are particularly interested in the role of Fcgamma receptors and microglial activation.

We also study the effect of systemic inflammation on the central nervous system, using real bacterial and viral infection models.  We are interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the physiological, metabolic and behavioural changes during systemic infection and we investigate the immunological changes in the CNS that occur during ageing or age-related neurological diseases.

Using novel models for AMD, we will investigate the functional role of antibodies in disease onset and progression.

This MRC funded CASE studentship aims to understanding the role of FcγR in immunotherapy for neurodegenerative diseases. This work is in collaboration with Lundbeck.

PhD supervision  

Salome Murinello
James Fuller
Adam Hart
Olivia Larsson

Research group


Affiliate research groups

Microbiology, Southampton Neuroscience Group (SoNG)

Research project(s)

Acute brain injury

Acute injury to a tissue results in activation of a rapid innate inflammatory response. This response is dominated by local changes in the vasculature, and the recruitment of neutrophils and monocytes from the blood to the site of injury.

Linking the immune system to the central nervous system: a role for antibodies and Fcγ receptors in neuronal damage.

Using immunocytochemistry, molecular biology and formal behavioural testing techniques we investigate antibody-mediated neuronal damage in lupus.

Molecular mechanisms underlying the communication between the peripheral immune system and the brain

We are exploring if and how the brain adapts to chronic, repeated inflammatory challenges and found that while the peripheral immune system becomes tolerant to repeated immune challenges, the brain continues to respond.

Role of antibody-mediated immune responses in the CNS

We have made exciting and interesting observations on antibody mediated responses in the CNS which are particularly relevant for novel immunotherapeutic strategies to treat neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease) or autoimmune diseases (lupus and MS).

Improving immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s diseases by modulating FcR interaction: an antibody engineering approach.

This MRC funded CASE studentship aims to understanding the role of FcγR in immunotherapy for neurodegenerative diseases. This work is done in collaboration with Lundbeck.

Module coordinator

BIOL2022 Immunology, Infection and Immunity


BIOL2016 Pharmacology A
BIOL2018 Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
BIOL3022 Cell Signalling in Health and Disease
BIOL3052 Biomedical Technology

University of Southampton

Chair of Research Enterprise and Engagement Champions Committee
FNES representative for Medical Ethics committee
Committee Member Wessex Immunology Group (affiliation group for British Immunology Society)
Organiser SoNG Neuroscience seminars

Professor Jessica L. Teeling
Biological Sciences
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Life Sciences Building 85
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
SO17 1BJ

Room Number : SGH/LD80/MP840

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