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Research project: Improving immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s diseases by modulating FcR interaction: an antibody engineering approach.

Currently Active: 

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia that slowly deprives its victims of their memories, their personalities and finally, their lives. The prevalence is increasing in our ageing population, but effective treatments are lacking. An effective way to remove amyloid is immunotherapy using Aβ-specific antibodies, but side effect, including microhemorrhage have been reported. This project aims to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the side effects and develop novel antibodies though antibody engineering.

Project Overview

This research project will investigate the role of Fcgamma receptors in immunotherapy for Alzheimer;s disease. These studies will lead to better understanding of the side effects that have been observed in immunization trials and hopefully lead to novel or better immunotherapy for a range of neurodegenrative diseases.

This work is funded by the MRC and Lundbeck.


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