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The University of Southampton
Politics and International Relations Part of Economic, Social and Political Science Our research

Research staff

Name Position
Pia Riggirozzi Professor of Global Politics, Head of Department
Russell Bentley Professor of Political Theory
Chris Armstrong Professor of Political Theory, Departmental Ethics Reviewer
John Denham Professorial Fellow on English Identity and Politics
Christian Enemark Professor of International Relations
Will Jennings Deputy Head of School, Research, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
David Owen Professor of Social and Political Philosophy
Rod Rhodes Professor of Government (Research)
Gerry Stoker Professor of Governance
John Boswell Associate Professor in Politics
Jonathan Havercroft Associate Professor in International Political Theory
Ingi Iusmen Associate Professor in Governance and Policy, Departmental Admissions Officer
Matthew Ryan UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Associate Professor in Governance and Public Policy, Co-Director of the Centre for Democratic Futures, Policy Director at the Web Science Institute
Ben Saunders Associate Professor in Political Philosophy
Kamil Zwolski Associate Professor in International Politics, Departmental Programme Director
John Glenn Senior Lecturer in Politics, Departmental Employability Coordinator
Ming-chin Monique Chu Lecturer in Chinese Politics, Department Erasmus/Exchange Coordinator
Gillian Kennedy Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Paolo Spada Lecturer in Comparative Politics and Methodology
Stuart J. Turnbull-Dugarte Lecturer in Political Science, Departmental Ethics Reviewer
Eloise Harding Teaching Fellow in Politics, Departmental Senior Tutor
Daniel Devine Lectureship in Politics and IR
Robert Johns Professor of Politics
Tereza Capelos Associate Professor in Politics and IR
Ahmed Abozaid Teaching Fellow in Internationl Security
Mariana Borges Martins da Silva Lectureship in Politics and Int Relation
Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno Lecturer in Public Policy/Administration
Natalia Cintra Research Fellow
Maya Goodfellow Research Fellow (Anniversary Fellowship) SocS
Zohreh Khoban Senior Research Fellow
Marco Meloni Research Fellow
Max Stafford Teaching Fellow
Bradley Ward Teaching Fellow
Katy Tabero Research Fellow
Yifei Yan Lecturer in Public Administration and Policy
Elizabeth Evans Professor
Lala Muradova Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

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