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Doctor Kamil Zwolski

Dr Kamil Zwolski

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • European security integration
  • European-Russian relations
  • Geopolitics of European security

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Dr Kamil Zwolski is Associate Professor in International Politics at the University of Southampton and Jean Monnet Chair of European Security Governance. He is also a National Teaching Fellow (2022) and Senior Fellow of Advance HE.

Dr Zwolski is a leading European expert on the theory and practice of European security, including European security governance, Europe-Russia relations and the role of the EU/NATO in European security. In 2023, Dr Zwolski was invited by the International Institute for Strategic Studies to prepare the analysis of Poland's foreign policy strategy since the Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. 

Dr Zwolski combines excellence in research and teaching. He received numerous awards for both, including:

  • EU Jean Monnet Module award in 2023 for the module European Power and the Geopolitics of Europe and Asia
  • EU Jean Monnet Chair award in 2019 for the project European Security Governance
  • National Teaching Fellowship award in 2022, which constitutes the highest UK higher education distinction

His latest book (forthcoming in 2023), Researching European Security Integration, offers innovative methodologies to revisit the most fundamental questions of European security, including the role of the "geopolitical" European Commission and normative power Europe.